Two people standing in front of the Elemental Exposures exhibit

Past Exhibitions

Since its inception, the gallery has been committed to presenting a range of artistic media and expression, from regional to international, from traditional to experimental. Each year the gallery presents a diverse range of exhibitions, including an annual student showcase.

Previous group exhibitions and solo shows include:

  • Bay Area icons, past and present, such as Eleanor Dickinson, David Lance Goines, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Tom Killion, Henry Evans, Carleton Watkins and William Keith;
  • Emerging California artists such as Desiree Holman, Tahiti Pehrson, Mitra Fabian and Jamil Hellu;
  • Exemplary spiritual and historical exhibitions such as Georges Rouault’s Miserere et Guerre, Sacramental Light: Latin American Devotional Art, Galleons and Globalization: California Mission Arts and Pacific Rim and Interwoven: Native California Basketry Arts from the Missions Forward;
  • And innovative collaborations with groups such as the Indigenous Arts Collective, 3.9 Collective, Taller Tupac Amaru, Women’s Environmental Artists Directory (WEAD) and the Faithful Fools/Kopanang Women’s Group from South Africa.












  • Dobles Vidas: Folk Art from the Mexican Museum
  • ¡Escultura! Selections from The Mexican Museum's Permanent Collections
  • From Here: The 15th Thacher Art + Architecture Annual
  • On Site: New Work by Mitra Fabian
  • Steamed: Faculty Art Triennial


  • In Nature's Temple: Early California Art and Ecology—William Keith, Eadweard Muybridge, Carleton Watkins and John Muir
  • Paradox: New Ceramics by Arturo Araujo, SJ
  • Strange Attractors: New Work by Mark Baugh-Sasaki (Sculpture Terrace)
  • The 14th Thacher Art + Architecture Annual
  • Taller Tupac Amaru: A Decade of Radical Printmaking
  • Active Synchrony: New Work by Tahiti Pehrson


  • Made in China: Ming to Mass Market & Ming Ren: Mysterious Ink World
  • Unearthed: USF's Hidden History
  • Silent Poetry: Woodcut Prints of the California Landscape by Tom Killion
  • 13th Annual Art and Architecture
  • Aroused Tranquility: Graphic Botanicals by Henry Evans
  • Richard Kamler: A Retrospective


  • Monsters in the Bookshelf: Artwork from Studio 5
  • Nature's Effigies: Tor Archer (Sculpture Terrace)
  • The 12th Thacher Art + Architecture Annual
  • The Art + Architecture Faculty Triennial
  • Textimonies: Early Etchings and Stencils by Glenn Ligon





  • Gleeson Library Associates 50th Anniversary Book Arts Exhibition with Terry Braunstein and Pia Pizzo
  • LAND: Leyya Tawil, Topher Keyes, and David Szlasa
  • To Hedonopolis, from Melancholy
  • Sight Circus: The 2007 Thacher Student Showcase
  • Sacramental Light: Latin American Devotional Art


  • Rattlesnake in a Moving Car: Life with HIV
  • Earthly Concerns: Activist EcoArt Curated by WEAD—Women Environmental Artists Directory
  • [Re]mark: the 7th Annual Thacher Student Showcase


  • Legacy and Promise: a Cabinet of Curiosities celebrating the history and lore of USF, formerly St. Ignatius College, at 150 years
  • Sense the Raw: 6th Annual Thacher Student Showcase
  • Carpe Lumen: Illuminated Sculpture from Faculty and Staff at The Crucible
  • Vandals: Artwork examining censorship and first amendment rights


  • Human / Nature: Sukey Bryan and Janice Nakashima
  • From the Ground Up: Sculpture by Francisco “Pancho” Jiménez
  • New Geometries: Cherie Raciti and Patricia Walsh
  • For Good Measure: The 5th Annual Thacher Student Showcase
  • Adorned: Mixed Media Works by Ione Citrin & Jerry De La Cruz
  • Unframed: Janet Allinger, Alissa Kaplan, Lori Markman & Leslie Nemour


  • Visual Inventions: Photomontage by Clifton Albergotti & Sr. Adele Rowland
  • Absence: New Work by Matthew Gehring
  • Give & Take: Sculpture / USF / 2003
  • The Cosmic Walk: Tapestries by the Kopanang Women's Group
  • A Delicate Balance: the 4th Thacher-USF-Annual Student Showcase
  • Radical Printmaking: Innovations in Contemporary Printmaking
  • Dancers: New Work by Borbála Kováts with Dance in California: 150 Years of Innovation


  • Cuatro Voces: Recent work by Zulema Di Marco, Santiago Gino Gervasi, Veronica Rojas, and Gabriel Navar
  • Breakages: USF / Sculpture / 2002
  • Masterworks in Hot Type: Andrew Hoyem Exhibition
  • Thresholds: the 3rd Thacher-USF-Annual BFA Show
  • Indifference & the Fifth Horseman: Surrational Paintings by Fritz Hirschberger
  • Cultures and Community: The 16th USF Faculty / Staff Exhibition


  • Bringing the Dark Madonna to Light: Contemporary Interpretations
  • Shooting Farm Workers: Photographs by Richard Steven Street
  • Resonance: The 2nd annual Thacher>>USF>>Annual BFA Show
  • Miserere et Guerre: The complete series of etchings by Georges Rouault
  • Pencil and Paper: Drawings by Samuel Fleming Lewis


  • Gravity's Pull: Sculpture by Pamela Blotner and Kit Cameron
  • Sculpture / USF / 2000: Curated by Richard Kamler
  • Revelations: Selected works by Eleanor Dickinson
  • First Harvest: The first annual juried exhibition of works by USF BFA upper division students
  • Table of Voices by Richard Kamler
  • Birthing the Crone: Aging into Full Creativity
  • The Image and the Word: Works by Carlos Villa


  • David Lance Goines: Retrospective
  • China: A Contemplation of Place
  • First, I Dream / Primero Sueno
  • Snakes in the Grass: The Deadly Legacy of Landmines & The Art of Peace and Justice: Art & Artifacts from the Friends of The Center for Law & Global Justice
  • 15th Annual USF Faculty-Staff Art Exhibit
  • From "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" to "Grandfather's Journey": 20th Century Illustrations for Children's Literature


  • Ferlinghetti: Lyrical and Political Paintings by San Francisco's Poet Laureate, Lawrence Ferlinghetti
  • Diffused Limits: An Exhibit of Latin American Artists
  • The Road Less Taken: Works by Manuel Rodriguez, Sr.
  • Return from the Heritage: Mihail Chemiakin
  • Icons from the Celestial Kingdom
  • Igor Medvedev: View of Toledo
  • Gold!
  • Coyolxauhqui • Madre Cósmica, An Installation by Gloria Osuna Pérez