Professor assists students working at a table in a Biology lab.

Reinvent Education

Come write a poem for an engineering project. Come teach your history class what you're learning in psychology class. Come to USF and help us reinvent education. 

Embrace the
Core Curriculum

At USF, the core curriculum isn't a chore. It's a journey of discovery. Come love subjects that you never even considered. Tackle questions that have never been answered. Challenge your assumptions, stretch your boundaries, explore new passions. 

Five students on picnic blankets
Why USF?

Learn more about what makes USF unique.

Serve the
Common Good

At USF, we don't only prepare you to succeed in your careers. We equip and inspire you to succeed in life. 


Graduates line the pews in St Ignatius church.

Innovate for

In San Francisco, innovation and entrepreneurialism goes beyond technology and trade. It’s a culture that makes things better, easier, and more accessible to more people. Whatever your major, come to USF and soak up our spirit of ethical entrepreneurship.

Christopher Boccignone ’22
How to Succeed in Business From Here

USF undergraduates aren’t waiting until after graduation to launch their own companies. They’re using their classes to test new ideas and their professors as business consultants.