Art piece "Geronimo."

Reorienting Towards Remembrance: The 25th Thacher Art + Architecture Annual

Thacher Gallery
May 3-June 30, 2024

Allow the art to stir recollections, evoke sense memories, and ground you in your body and its history. 

This juried exhibition includes a diverse collection of artworks from 45 juniors and seniors in the Department of Art + Architecture that explore the theme of Reorienting Towards Remembrance.

Organized by the Art History & Museum Studies Thacher Gallery Practicum class taught by Lexygius Calip. Jurors include: Bay Area curator, archivist, and artist Angelica Rodriguez, artist and curator at Audium Bianca Bercial García-Bayllo, artist and designer Brian Singer/Someguy, and interdisciplinary artist Midori.

Banner Image: Ella Geronimo, lola&me (detail), acrylic on canvas, 2021.


  • Zoe Amburn
  • Nanthawan Amornnopphakhum
  • Priscilla Arrighi
  • Cecelia Baldwin
  • Daine Becerra Garcia
  • Ananya Beevanapalli
  • Hayley Blonstein
  • Alejandra Boyce
  • Zoë Carr
  • Christine Casper
  • Kathryn Clarke
  • Sofía Belen Criswell
  • Mia Cruz
  • Mariam Diakite
  • Bleu DiBiase
  • Mickey Ferguson
  • Henry Fillmore
  • Emmanuel Flores Garcia
  • Nyx George
  • Ella Geronimo
  • Ally Hernandez
  • Jack Keenan
  • Nicholas Lanza
  • Hannah Lehmkuhl
  • En-Yi Lin
  •  Wei Chen Lin
  •  Price Little
  •  Ava Lord
  •  Delaney Lumpkin
  •  Anna Maiorino
  •  Leila Major
  •  Renae McGarry
  •  Sofia Milante
  •  Julie Ng
  •  Alysse Ohanian
  •  Paulina Pons Meyer
  •  Madi Reyes
  •  Natalie Ribay
  •  Lara Sipes
  •  Dakota Song
  •  Yunseok (Andy) Song
  •  Elias Thomas
  •  Erica Vacca
  •  Andrew Wirth
  •  Jocelyn Wong

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