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The Undergraduate Experience

Academic Support

From the first week you arrive on campus, USF provides you the support and resources necessary to succeed academically, and set you on your career path.

Academic Advising

Faculty and student talking

From orientation to graduation, you'll work together with full-time faculty to create a personalized, comprehensive, and realistic individual academic plan based upon your interests, strengths, and goals. Academic advising is more than course selection — it’s an ongoing conversation that explores the full range of educational and co-curricular opportunities available at the university, as well as your future plans beyond USF.

Academic Coaching

Meet your academic success coach and feel empowered to achieve your academic goals. The Center for Academic and Student Achievement (CASA) offers one-on-one academic coaching and evaluations to keep you on the road to graduation.

English Language Resources

Is English your second language? The Academic English for Multilingual Students (AEM) program offers courses and conversation partners to improve your English skills.

The AEM program matches international students with highly proficient English speakers from the USF community. You have the opportunity to practice English communication skills and learn about U.S. culture and college life during meet-ups throughout the semester.

The Learning, Writing, and Speaking Centers

The Learning Center fosters the enhancement of academic skills and abilities to assist you in becoming an independent learner by providing support through one-on-one coaching appointments, workshops, and online resources.

The Writing Center empowers writers by fostering your knowledge and skills in development, organization, style, and structure. Through one-on-one interactive conferences, we support work in different disciplines and rhetorical contexts.

The Speaking Center prepares you for public speaking. Our coaches prepare you for speeches, oral presentations, team presentations, and visual aid demonstrations.