Center for Teaching Excellence

Meeting Real Faculty Needs

Our mission at the Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) at the University of San Francisco is to celebrate, support, and help develop excellent teaching across the university, at all stages of a faculty member's career.


  • Building a sense of community among teaching faculty
  • Presenting opportunities for faculty to enhance and enrich their teaching practice
  • Using technology to enhance student learning


  • We foster conversation among faculty across disciplines, across schools, and at all stages of their careers.
  • Participation is voluntary.
  • Participation is confidential. We do not report faculty participation in CTE programs to any administrators. We will provide documentation to any faculty member who requests it.
  • The Center does not evaluate teaching for the purposes of tenure and promotion.
  • The Center evolves to meet real faculty needs.

Contact Info

Center for Teaching Excellence

Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Kalmanovitz Hall 484 (415) 422-2110