The State of Being: Before, During, and After

Credit: Natalie Ng, Palatable Affection, glazed stoneware, 2023 (Thacher Prize Winner)

24th Thacher Art + Architecture Annual

May 5-June 30, 2023

In The State of Being, artists explore the different vantage points of change. Featuring juniors and seniors from the Department of Art + Architecture, this juried exhibition includes fine arts, design, and architecture.

Artists were invited to respond to the following questions: What does it mean to exist between spaces? What does change look like from the various vantage points of before, during, and after? At what point does before become after? This collection of works by 48 artists questions how our identities and histories can shape our perception, and of how individuals and the collective find understanding amidst change.

Jurors included Bay Area artist Alexander Hernandez; designer and illustrator Helen Shewolfe Tseng; and Lian Ladia, Curator for Exhibitions and Programs for 500 Capp Street. The exhibition was presented by students in the Thacher Practicum (Art History and Museum Studies) taught by Lexygius Sanchez Calip. Students include Erin Rose Anuakpado, Isabella Banuelos, Sadie Benedetto. Elsa Carpenter, Talulah Freed, Dana Gesregan, Tallulah Golde, Micah Hart, Madeline Hoisington, Sam King, Alana Loya, Gabriela Marcucci, Ilsa Salvador.

Congratulations to our Award Recipients:

Natalie Ng - Thacher Prize; Mary Lou Grace Robison - Thacher Prize Honorable Mention; Morgan Lee and Nora Robbins - Gloria Osuna Pérez Award; and Elsa Furay and Mia Santino - Student Choice Award.




  • Savannah Archinal
  • Madison Avery
  • Camile Bally
  • Luisa Banson
  • Kimberly Banyadith
  • Lelan Bell
  • Sophia Bloom
  • Dominique Cadenas Calvo
  • Alvin Chan
  • John Cruz
  • Louise de Oliveira
  • Elias Dion
  • MeganJeannie Escobar
  • Mickey Ferguson
  • Elsa Furay
  • Hannah Gabany
  • Sarah Healy
  • Amanda Heauser-Caires
  • Emily Hernandez
  • Audrey Herrera
  • Tyisha Hill
  • Imogen Isaac
  • Krystel Jacinto
  • Kristen Johnson
  • Charlotte Laurance
  • Sovann Muni Visal Lay
  • Morgan Lee
  • Isaac Madrigal
  • Alex Marsden
  • Isa Maselli
  • Ethan McKeague
  • Shay McMillan
  • Gabi Moreta
  • Sydney Sivan Nadler
  • Natalie Ng
  • Angelique Ngo
  • Alexa Ortiz
  • Chloe Pavlovich
  • Bao Hoa Pham
  • Nora Robbins
  • Mary Lou Grace Robison
  • Mia Santino
  • Mandy (Yongzan) Shao
  • Sydney Sharp
  • Arin Vasquez
  • Pablo Vilas
  • Elizabeth Vyvijal
  • Kitty Zhang

Artworks and Installation Views