New Climates - 10th Annual Thacher Student Showcase

May 8 – July 3, 2009

With works by juniors and seniors in USF’s arts programs:

Therese Agnew; Oscar Araujo Jr.; Daniel Begay; Andrew Biederman; Jovan Blake; Tammy Burgett; Benji Canning-Pereira; David Castro; Br. Lee S. Colombino, S.J.; Devin Coogan; Rose Costello; Evan Cowell; Kiyana Daba; Thomas Dilenschneider-Codol; Devon Durst; Joseph Foronda; Bunny Colleen Fraley; Maro Guevara; Jake Gulick; Andrea V. Gutierrez; Natalia Hellems; Andrew Hutcheson’ William Allan Jacobson; Kellie Kawahara; Alex Kieve; Hyun Woo-Kim; Irene Kim; Seoryung Kim; Ajay Kumar; Kevin Kunze; Pamela Lastiri; Francisca Liu; Angelica Loza; Katie Luke; Whitney Mahani; Lara McCauley; Danae Moore; Simone Morris-Martin; Samuel North; Lawrence Pacheco; Carolyn Reilley; Kristin Jean Reyeda; Samantha Roger; Anne Schaefer; Evan Schmidt; Sandra Silvoy; Tricia Smith; Benjamin Solomon; Dominic Sondag; Zachary Songey; Kaci Taylor; Theresa Thomas; Sydney Townsend; Peter Tschann-Grimm; Stephanie Whitney; Rachel Wiggins  

New Climates features work by juniors and seniors in the University of San Francisco's arts programs. This remarkable assemblage of 60 artworks was chosen by a jury of USF art faculty as well as Bay Area artist Ann Weber and international curator Veronica Wiman. The art encompasses many different subjects and includes paintings, sculpture, works on paper, design, digital media, photographs and architectural models by the best student artists in the university.

The works reflect the "new climates" our world has recently entered—economically, socially, and environmentally—and address both creative and personal concerns. For example, Benji Canning–Pereira's "Clocks: Transparent Way to Visualize Time" incorporates images which represent the natural signifiers of day and night with the mechanical rhythms of a digital clock. Along with graphic design, paintings, drawings and photographs, there is also a group of sculptural artworks including fine arts major Samantha Roger's "Divide." This light-box shows a pattern inspired by cells, which like cancer cells happen to be growing out of control. Architecture major Samuel North's "Chair," built of tongue-in-groove lumber, was created as a gift to his birth mother. The piece symbolizes a celebration of life while at the same time "an embodiment of sacrifice."

The Annual Thacher Student Showcase is planned and coordinated by Arts Management students enrolled in the Museum Studies I class, providing both art history and art students hands-on experience in exhibition. Each year three awards are presented, including the Mary Thacher Prize for the best work(s) in technique and style in the exhibition, the Gloria Osuna Pérez Award for the work(s) which best address social and community issues, and the Student Choice Award given by the Museum Studies I class. Winners will be announced at the awards ceremony at 4 p.m. on Friday, May 8.

—Sydney Townsend, PR Committee, Museum Studies I

Friday, May 8

4 - 5 pm Awards Ceremony in Maier Hall, Fromm Hall
5 - 6 pm Reception in USF’s Thacher Gallery

New Climates could not be possible without the following individuals:

Jury: Phil Ross, Camellia George, Seth Wachtel, Ann Weber, and Veronica Wiman

Museum Studies I, Spring 2009:

Selection Committee:
Janeth Arinaga, Kyle Keefe, Brittany Kish, Ga-Eun Lee, Jenna Lunsford, Natalie McCann, Ben Solomon, and Kasey Stuart

PR Committee:
Jessica Baldwin, Isabel Cuarón, Dominique Cuenca, Taryn Hunter, Taj Robinson, and Sydney Townsend

Curatorial Committee:
Laura Alejandra Rodriguez Bandala, Anne Campanella, Kellie Kawahara, Madeleine Kelly, Amanda Lorenzen, Kelly Tingle, and Nikki Wutke

Museum Studies I Instructor: Paula Birnbaum, Assistant Professor
Designer: Gary Au

Installation/Event Images