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Activism and Engagement

You’re here because you care. And our job is to encourage you to dream big and turn your care into impact. Tell us what you want to change, and we’ll provide the support and tools to help you do it. Check out how USF students and alumni are changing the world from here:

USF Graduate Wins Equal Access to Waves

Adriana Guerrero-Nardone MNA ’18 helps open a local beach to surfing students of color.

Adriana Guerrero-Nardone with girl at beach
Adriana Guerrero-Nardone ’18

Nonprofit Administration, MA

Get Involved

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Student Run Clubs

At USF, you can participate in dozens of student clubs and organizations ranging from media, academic, service, cultural, and Greek. Build your resume, make new friends, develop skills, be active, push limits, and get involved.

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Cultural Centers

The Cultural Centers bring students together to increase their understanding, and embrace their roles, as members of a diverse community on the local and global levels.

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Leadership and Engagement

Student Leadership and Engagement understands that you seek out involvement and leadership for a variety of reasons, including serving others, networking, building skills, discovering yourself, making new friends, and creating change.

Is it Art or is it Activism?

USF graduate turns her Instagram into a call for change.

Eiselle Ty
Eiselle Ty '17

Design, BA

New Life for Leftovers

Over 500 pounds of food that used to be discarded by USF's cafeteria every week now feeds over 200 San Franciscans in need, thanks to a growing group of student activists on a rescue mission.

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