USF Student in Biolab

Graduate Research

Come learn by doing. Create team projects and solo projects, too. At USF, we encourage collaboration more than we encourage competition. Come change the world with your work — not just after you graduate but right now.

USF Team Researches Cancer

Former student Merak Melikian passed away from gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST), a rare form of cancer. Now, a professor and her students are helping to keep his memory alive by working on research that may contribute to understanding GIST.

Research students Muhammed Hamir, Naomi Vinod, Marta Bogaczynska, Ricard Rubio

Our Facilities

Student wearing protective gear holds a syringe in a beaker with measurements in the lab

Lo Schiavo Science for Science and Innovation

The 57,000 square foot building features state-of-the-art, flexible laboratories, sophisticated digital studios, advanced instrument rooms and a sun-soaked public atrium and plaza.

Simulation Center

Clinical Skills Lab

The Clinical Skills Lab lets nursing students practice their skills before the clinical setting, and the Simulation Center which features state-of-the-art mannequins that nursing students experience patient simulations.

Two judges behind their desk speak to a student in moot court.

Moot Court

USF's Moot Court Program helps you build the advocacy and leadership skills required of today's legal professionals.