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The Value of a USF Education

USF delivers powerful outcomes. Come to USF and learn to succeed in every field from business and government to engineering and the arts. Come to USF and succeed in life.

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Top 6% in lifetime earnings

USF graduates see a higher return on their investment over their working lives than do alumni from 1,600 other U.S. four-year universities (source: Georgetown University "Ranking 4,500 Colleges by ROI" 2022).

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93% graduation rate

93 percent of USF undergraduates who attend full-time each semester graduate in four years.

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Top 20% for social mobility

Among 434 national universities, USF ranks 70th for its success in graduating students from families earning less than $50,000 a year (source: U.S. News and World Report 2024).

Learn to EARN


USF graduates’ median annual income of $83,794 10 years after starting college is 66 percent higher than the midpoint for graduates from other four-year schools nationwide (source: federal College Scorecard 2023).

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Median Starting Monthly Salaries by Major

(source: 2023 federal College Scorecard median monthly earnings 2 years after graduation)


Gain Experience


of undergraduates land at least two internships during their time at USF


internships posted at the Career Services Center each month


Study Abroad Programs in over 40 countries


alumni in 147 countries

Top 20

for Tech Salaries

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USF Alumni


Max Eunice '21 works at Cruise, the self-driving car company in San Francisco.

I didn’t only want to learn how marketing worked in a classroom, textbook sense, but also in the go do it, try it sense.”


Max Eunice '21 works at Cruise, the self-driving car company in San Francisco.

Study Further

A University of San Francisco education equips and inspires you to study further at institutions such as these:

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or Change the World at Work

Use USF’s connections to land a job in the field of your choice.

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Go Forth

Our graduates improve the world in ways small and large. See some of the things they’re up to: