Quiet Spaces: Picturing Sanctuary in the Illustrated Book

Nov. 29, 2018-Feb. 10, 2019

Sanctuary, a safe place of refuge, can be found not only in a physical place of shelter, but also in the vastness of nature or the comfort of home. It can be rooted in a memory, the peacefulness of solitude, or feelings of nostalgia. Quiet Spaces: Picturing Sanctuary in the Illustrated Book celebrates the many and varied ways in which the idea of personal and collective refuge is represented in image and text in modern illustrated books. Depictions of expansive landscapes, moments of seclusion, and gatherings of loved ones bring the notion of refuge to life. Through a range of printed illustrations and photographs, Quiet Spaces encourages the exploration of diverse experiences and perceptions of sanctuary through the lens of modern illustrated books.

Quiet Spaces was curated by the graduate Museum Studies Curatorial Practicum class led by Professor Kate Lusheck, and features objects from the permanent collection of USF's Donohue Rare Book Room.

  • Ansel Adams
    Parmelian Prints of the High Sierras
    Oakland, CA: Jean Chambers Moore, 1927

    Doris Aller
    Famous Recipes from Hawaii, China, Mexico
    (Epicure Series)
    San Francisco, CA: The Colt Press, 1938-1940

    Dora Amsden
    The Heritage of Hiroshige: A Glimpse of Japanese Landscape Art
    Illustrated by Andō Hiroshige
    San Francisco, CA: Paul Elder and Company, 1917

    Leonard Austin
    Around the World in San Francisco
    Illustrated by Pauline Vinson
    Stanford, CA: J.L. Delkin, 1940

    Mary Austin
    Taos Pueblo
    Photography by Ansel Adams
    San Francisco: Grabhorn Press, 1930

    John Balkwill
    Ten Views from Lake Tahoe: A Portfolio of Wood Engravings
    Santa Barbara: Lumino Press, 1991

    Frank L. Baum
    The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
    Illustrated by Barry Moser
    West Hatfield, MA: Pennyroyal Press, 1985

    William Blake’s Watercolour Inventions in Illustration of The Grave by Robert Blair
    Edited by Martin Butlin
    Lavenham, Suffolk: William Blake Trust, 2009

    Frances Hodgson Burnett
    The Secret Garden
    Edited and illustrated by Laura Turnidge
    Oakland, CA: Sterling Press, 1989

    Elias Canetti
    The Voices of Marrakesh: A Record of a Visit
    Photography by Karl Bissinger
    Illustrated by William T. Wiley
    San Francisco, CA; Arion Press, 2001

    Lewis Carroll
    Through the Looking-glass and What Alice Found There
    Illustrated by Barry Moser
    West Hatfield, MA: Pennyroyal Press, 1982

    Julie Chen
    Bound by Christine Bolik and Julie Chen
    Berkeley, CA: Flying Fish Press, 1996

    Marilyn Crosetto
    The Family Farm
    San Francisco, CA: Meadow Press, 1987

    Martha Friedberg
    The Water Poem and Others
    Illustrated by Caryl Seidenberg
    Winnetka, IL: Vixen Press, 1985

    Edwin E. Grabhorn
    Ukiyo-e: The Floating World
    Illustrated by Andō Hiroshige
    San Francisco, CA: Book Club of California, 1962

    John Keats
    The Collected Sonnets of John Keats
    Illustrated by John Buckland Wright
    Maastricht, Netherlands: A.A.M. Stols, 1930

    Maxine Hong Kingston
    Hawai’i one summer, 1978
    Illustrated by Deng Ming-Dao
    Honolulu, HI: University of Hawaii Press, 1987

    Marie Alexandre Markevitch
    The Epicure in Imperial Russia
    Illustrated by Mallette Dean
    San Francisco, CA: Colt Press, 1941

    John O’Connor
    People & Places
    Risbury, Herefordshire: Whittington Press, 1999

    Emily Payne
    Hanging Laundry
    San Francisco, CA: Pea Pod Press, 1996

    José Guadalupe Posada
    Monografía: las obras de José Guadalupe Posada
    With an introduction by Diego Rivera
    Mexico: Mexican Folkways, 1930

    Kenneth Rexroth
    Between Two Wars: Selected Poems Written Prior to World War II
    Illustrated by Daniel Goldstein
    San Francisco, CA: Labyrinth Editions, 1982

    Artemio Rodríguez
    The King of Things, El Rey de las Cosas
    With Master Printer Jose Alpuche and assistants Amos & Ulises Ramirez
    East Los Angeles, CA: Self Help Graphics & Art, 2001

    William Saroyan
    Hilltop Russians in San Francisco
    Illustrated by Pauline Vinson
    San Francisco, CA: Grabhorn Press, 1941

    Gertrude Stein
    Paris, France: A Memoir by Gertrude Stein
    Illustrated by Ward Schumaker
    Covelo, CA: The Yolla Bolly Press, 2000

    Robert Louis Stevenson
    A Child’s Garden of Verses
    Illustrated by Charles Robinson
    New York, NY: Scribner’s, 1895

    Donna Thomas
    Covering Ground: A Chronicle of the John Muir Trail
    Santa Cruz, CA: Peter & Donna Thomas, 2003

    Richard Wagener
    The Sierra Nevada Suite: Thirty-One Wood Engravings
    San Francisco, CA: The Book Club of California, 2013

    Richard Wagener
    Mountains & Religion
    Petaluma, CA: Mixolydian Editions, 2011

    Joyce Lancaster Wilson
    The Ark of Noah
    San Francisco, CA: The Press in Tuscany Alley, 1975

    Voices and Visions: A Book of Poems and Etchings
    Illustrated by the Fort Mason Printmakers
    Under the direction of Eleanor Rappe
    San Francisco, CA: Fort Mason Printmakers, 1983

    ​​A Commonplace Book of Cookery
    Compiled by Robert Grabhorn
    Preface by M.F.K. Fisher
    San Francisco, CA: Arion Press, 1975

    Plate by Plate: California Recipes from the Gold Rush through “California Cuisine”
    Edited by Randall Tarpey-Schwed
    Illustrated by Christopher Carroll
    San Francisco, CA: Book Club of California, 2014

    Mapping the Cosmos: Assembling: CODEX 2017
    Berkeley, CA: The Codex Foundation, 2017

    The Song of Songs
    Illustrated by Richard Kennedy
    Translated by Keith Bosley
    Andoversford, Gloucestershire: Whittington Press, 1976

    Le cantique des cantiques (The Song of Solomon)
    Illustrated by F.L. Schmied
    Translated by Ernest Renan
    Paris: Éditions du Cerf, 1925

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