Quiet Spaces: Picturing Sanctuary in the Illustrated Book

November 29, 2018 - February 10, 2019

Sanctuary, a safe place of refuge, can be found not only in a physical place of shelter, but also in the vastness of nature or the comfort of home. It can be rooted in a memory, the peacefulness of solitude, or feelings of nostalgia. Quiet Spaces: Picturing Sanctuary in the Illustrated Book celebrates the many and varied ways in which the idea of personal and collective refuge is represented in image and text in modern illustrated books. Depictions of expansive landscapes, moments of seclusion, and gatherings of loved ones bring the notion of refuge to life. Through a range of printed illustrations and photographs, Quiet Spaces encourages the exploration of diverse experiences and perceptions of sanctuary through the lens of modern illustrated books.

Quiet Spaces was curated by the graduate Museum Studies Curatorial Practicum class led by Professor Kate Lusheck, and features objects from the permanent collection of USF's Donohue Rare Book Room.

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