Community Empowerment Activists

The Community Empowerment Activists (CEA) is a yearlong program that prepares students as transformative justice warriors through critical analysis of systems of oppression and movements of resistance while mobilizing for people-powered change through placements with grassroots organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area combating various arms of injustice.

In this reciprocal exchange of study, practice, and application, students develop skills in grassroots organizing, utilizing arts as resistance, and conducting research in scholarship that impacts policy change. The "Revolution is Love" is a central theme of the program—remembering it is radical self-love, love of the oppressed, and building in kinship with each other that drive us to believe and fight for a reimagined just world that lifts Black liberation, human dignity, sovereignty, equity, and Mama Earth.

CEA meets the CEL/SL requirement; fall and spring requirement (2 units per semester). The internship at the host organization consists of 4-5 hours weekly. All majors are welcome.

Please Note: The application window is closed, but will open in March 2022.

For more information, please contact the CEA instructor, Jacqueline Ramos at