Group photo of tenant rights activists holding signs reading

Community Empowerment Activists

The Community Empowerment Activists (CEA) program develops critically engaged students through a part-time paid internship placement with grassroots, advocacy, and base-building organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Students will advance the social justice vision of their host organizations through campaigns, coalition-building, and other initiatives in solidarity with diverse San Francisco residents, while examining the complexity of policy, politics, and regional Bay Area dynamics which impact vulnerable local communities.

Emily GarciaThe Coalition on Homelessness fights to defend the unhoused through the tradition of true grassroots organizing. In my role as a CEA, I have been part of the process of organizing from troubleshooting an issue, to developing a strategy, identifying targets, implementing a plan, and reflecting upon the results. Through my work, I feel that I have become more in-tune to San Francisco as a city and have developed roots in this community. The knowledge I have gained has forced me to critically analyze my privileges and positionality within the city and beyond."

— Emily Garcia, Class of 2020