At USF, We Don't Use Formulas to Fill Our Classrooms.

Academic Criteria

Beyond the specific academic requirements, focusing on the courses you take in high school and your extracurricular activities is an excellent starting point. Competitive applicants will go beyond the minimum requirements listed below and will elect to take elect advanced placement, international baccalaureate, honors, enriched, and accelerated high school courses when appropriate and possible.

Mathematics * 3 3 3 3
English 4 4 4 4
Social Sciences 3 3 3 3
Laboratory Science 2 2 2** 2**
Foreign Language 2 2 2 2
Academic Electives 6 6 6 6
One unit equals a full-year course.
* The sequence of mathematics is Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II. Trigonometry is strongly recommended for Science and Management and is often included in Algebra II courses.
** Science and Nursing requirements: Chemistry and either Physics or Biology.