McCarthy Fellows in Sacramento

In this summer program, McCarthy fellows spend 12 weeks in full-time internships at Sacramento institutions that contribute to the California policy-making process.

Students engage in everything from conducting legislative research and briefing elected officials, to responding to constituent concerns and drafting policy memos and legislative bills. In this experience, students are exposed to the structures and systems that shape state policy making processes, including internships in an assembly member’s or state senator’s office, or at an executive state agency, lobbying firm, or non-profit organization. Students live, work, and learn in the state capital, while taking advantage of powerful educational opportunities within the context of their internships and the co-curricular offerings that abound in their thriving host city. All majors are welcome to apply.

Reyna BrownBeing a McCarthy fellow has exposed me to the people and information necessary to better understand how I can use my talents to impact the criminal justice system in a significant way. Often times as grassroots activists we are frustrated by the systemic processes that allow public policies to be passed and large-scale changes to be made. As someone coming from this background, it was eye opening for me to see the complexities of upper-level bureaucracy. Though still frustrating, I can better see the layers of control that must open to allow space for social movements to occur. This program has affirmed my yearning to work within the criminal justice system, and has also inspired me to apply to law school in the coming years."

– Reyna Brown, Performing Arts and Social Justice ‘19, minor Peace and Justice Studies,
CA Office of the Governor

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