As an Equity Intern, spend 8 weeks in a full-time summer paid internship supporting the YMCA of San Francisco’s Power Scholars Academy.

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Join the movement to advance educational equity by supporting San Francisco Bay Area children and youth to thrive academically and contribute to positive change in their communities. Work alongside community leaders, youth development professionals, and educators to provide engaging and impactful summer enrichment programming in a fun and dynamic environment. Develop knowledge and skills to work collectively toward a civic purpose, educate and empower children and youth, and navigate and accomplish professional responsibilities.

In this summer program, Equity Interns spend 8 weeks in full-time (paid) internships supporting the YMCA of San Francisco’s Power Scholars Academy. Earn a $3,000 stipend (taxable income) for full participation in the program, while benefiting from free USF campus housing and transportation. Some meals will also be provided.

The Equity Interns program is a collaboration between the University of Delaware’s Biden Institute, the University of San Francisco’s Leo T. McCarthy Center and the YMCA of San Francisco to reduce the educational opportunity gap and ensure that all young people, especially those from underserved communities, meet their full potential academically and beyond.

USF Students Pursue Equity in Education

Equity interns worked as teaching assistants in San Francisco public elementary schools to help reduce the achievement gap.

Richard Drzeke '25, Nicole Buchanan MA '23, and Onaedo Okoye '23