Koret Health and Recreation Center at dawn.

Weight Room

The basement level features two weight rooms offering users an elite level training zone with a selection of Olympic weights, plate-loaded machines, heavy lifting platforms, functional training equipment, TRX, barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, and more.

Weight Room East

Provides 34 workout stations, as well as plyo platforms, Bosu trainers, medicine balls, a spin bike, iron grip free weights, and fixed barbells. On-site trainers are available to assist in the development of personal training programs for an additional fee. Free orientations are available by appointment.

Weight room machines

Weight Room West

Features a platform area as well as Olympic weights, plate-loaded machines, heavy lifting platforms, functional training equipment, and more.

Weight room machines and platform

Weight Room Information & Policies

Please review the following information and policies to ensure a safe environment for all users of the weight rooms. Thank you.

    • No minors (17 years and younger)
    • No sandals, open-toe shoes, or bare feet
    • No bags or personal belongings (except in cubbies)
    • No removing plates or bars from the platform area
    • No dropping, banging or excessively slamming weights (weight needs to return to the platform in a controlled manner/descent)
    • No actions that threaten the safety and well-being of yourself and others
    • No verbal or physical abuse
    • No outside personal trainers
    • No sexual harassment or offensive behavior
    • No talking on cell phones or FaceTiming
    • No music playing out loud (must wear headphones, earphones, etc.)
    • No food, gum, tobacco products, or glass containers
    • No videotaping or photos (including selfies)
    • No recording or posting of pictures or video of individuals or groups without their consent
    • Must listen and comply with Koret staff enforcing rules and policies 
    • Failure to adhere to policies or to take direction from staff will result in a warning, loss of privileges or suspension of membership
    • Observe all posted signs and equipment warnings
    • Wear workout attire including shirts, shorts/pants and closed-toe athletic shoes
    • Safe and proper use of the equipment required at all times
    • Always use safety clamps and safety catches
    • Use spotter when necessary
    • Allow others to share equipment between sets
    • Re-rack any and all equipment after use
    • Wipe down equipment after use with gym wipes NOT with your towel
    • Must use clamps or collars (in proper position) at all times
    • Must wear closed toe shoes at all times (no sandals or bare feet)
    • Must use safety catches (in proper position) when using the squat rack or bench
    • Must re-rack all equipment after use
    • Must wipe down bars, benches, and any other equipment used with gym wipes 
    • Do not walk through/across platforms or squat racks while they are in use
    • No more than 3 persons per platform, squat rack and bench 
    • No chalk (including liquid chalk)
    • Koret staff reserves the right to modify or prohibit any exercise deemed unsafe or inappropriate for the platform area