Meet the Personal Trainers

  • Deirdre feels that the key to fitness success is consistency and a personal commitment to adhere to a regular exercise program for life. With over ten years of experience as a group exercise instructor, Deirdre strives to educate her clients by demystifying the process of getting in shape in a friendly, non-intimidating manner. Clients will gain tools and practical knowledge while enjoying a complete workout designed just for them. Deirdre will guide clients through customized sessions balancing cardio, strength, endurance and flexibility for all levels, beginner to advanced. Check out her weekly Cardio Kick, Body Sculpting, Spin or Abs & Glutes classes at Koret. (ACSM, Mad Dogg, TRX)

  • Josh is a certified personal trainer who believes that fitness should not only be physically and mentally beneficial, but also an enjoyable outlet for stress relief. Having utilized resistance training as a tool for tackling chronic and acute illness, he is aware of how critical proper programming is for client success. Josh can help clients completely new to exercise feel more comfortable in the gym, as well as advanced clients with more specific training goals achieve performance success. As a senior nursing student with patient experience from a wide array of different populations, Josh seeks to use his knowledge as a trainer and a nurse to help prevent common diseases related to inactivity in his clients and help lead them towards a more active lifestyle. Overall, he believes that exercise should be a fun and enjoyable experience for his clients, and he strives to help people of all ages achieve their fitness goals. (ACE CPT)

  • Ethan is a new personal trainer who is excited to work collaboratively with clients who are both inexperienced gym-goers and advanced fitness enthusiasts. Ethan has been learning more and more about fitness and gym life as an apprentice under the USF Kinesiology mentorship to prepare him for his career in training. Ethan wants to help other clients find the sense of confidence and understanding in their bodies that he has found. Ethan is currently a part of the Spring 2025 Nursing cohort, learning more and more about health promotion and wellness. As a nursing student, Ethan utilizes fitness and exercise as a form of therapeutic care to improve overall strength, health, and wellbeing. Ethan hopes to help many of you reach your fitness and health goals soon! (NASM CPT)

  • My name is Alex, and I am a recent transfer and third-year kinesiology student at USF. My childhood revolved around sports from soccer and football to swimming and track. It was my happy escape. After high school, I developed a passion for working out, specifically bodybuilding. Four years in I have studied the art of bodybuilding and nutrition to bring my dreams and goals to fruition. I am excited to share all the information I have gathered over the years and lead others to achieve their goals.


The following are the rates for personal training. 

  • USF Students: $40
  • USF FT Faculty/Staff, Annual Koret Members, Seniors (55 years+): $58
  • USF PT Faculty/Staff, Rec Pass Holders, Monthly Koret Members, Others: $67

Make an Appointment

Strength 101

Strength 101 is a small group training class programmed to teach you the basics of strength training and exercise technique. You will be led by a trainer through a 12 week strength program. Learn how to move properly with progressions and modifications for each movement. You will get stronger and you will build foundational knowledge that you can carry over into your own workouts! Open to all levels of fitness. This class does require registration, please email for more information.


  • USF Students: $75
  • USF FT Faculty/Staff: $150
  • Others: $225

Equipment Orientations

This is a 30-minute appointment to educate patrons on the proper use of workout equipment at Koret. Our staff member will demonstrate the proper use of a machine and will help patrons determine the appropriate fit (seat/pads). This session will NOT develop a workout plan but is rather an introduction to our equipment. Follow-up appointments are allowed. This complimentary service is only available to individuals with Koret access (USF students/faculty/staff, Annual Members, Monthly Members, Rec Pass holders).

Cardio bike machines

Campus Club and Organization Workshops

Is your student club or organization interested in free group workshops? Learn more about this offering and reach out to Melissa Valdez.

Staff member speaks to a student at an information table on the lawn.