USF Law in Top 50 for 2019 Scholarly Rankings

For 2019, the University of San Francisco School of Law faculty ranked 10th for median SSRN downloads in the last 12 months, and were ranked 47th in overall scholarly impact in a new survey by Paul Heald and Ted Sichelman.* USF Law is clearly "punching above [its] expected weight” given its relatively small faculty, say Heald and Sichelman in their forthcoming Jurimetrics article on the 100 schools with the greatest scholarly impact.

Writing across a wide range of subjects, USF Law faculty share a mission to understand and help solve many of the world’s most pressing issues. We’re pleased to provide a glimpse of recent scholarship:

Prof. Lara Bazelon

Criminal procedure, trial advocacy, wrongful convictions

Recently published:"Ending Innocence Denying" Hofstra Law Review (2019)

Prof. Joshua P. Davis

Complex litigation, ethics, and the interplay between the two

Recently published: "Artificial Wisdom? A Potential Limit on AI in Law (and Elsewhere)" Oklahoma Law Review (2019)

Prof. Reza Dibadj

Corporate and securities law, administrative law and regulation

Recently published: "Disclosure as Delaware's New Frontier" Hastings Law Journey (2019)

Dean Susan Freiwald

Data privacy, the intersection of communications technology and law

Recently published: "The Carpenter Chronicle: A Near-Perfect Surveillance" Harvard Law Review (With Stephen W. Smith) (2018

Prof. Jack Garvey

International law, international trade and arbitration

Recently published: "The Future of Legal Management of Mass Migration" The International Lawyer (2018)

Associate Dean Tristin Green

Employment discrimination, inequality, and law

Recently published: "Rethinking Racial Entitlements: From Epithet to Theory" Southern California Law Review (2019)

Prof. Bill Ong Hing

Immigration law

Recently published: "Deporter-in-Chief: Obama v. Trump" Cambridge University Press (2019)

Prof. Tim Iglesias

Housing and property law

Recently published: "Mindfulness as Resistance" Southwestern University Law Review (2019)

Prof. Alice Kaswan

Climate change and environmental justice

Recently published:"Energy, Governance, and Market Mechanisms" Miami Law Review (2018)

Prof. Richard Leo

Wrongful convictions and false confessions

Recently published:"Police Interrogation and Suspect Confessions" Cambridge University Press (2019)

* "Ranking the Academic Impact of 100 American Law Schools" Jurimetrics, Paul Heald and Ted Sichelman (forthcoming 2019)