Class Profile

Each year, USF seeks to admit a diverse group of students who are among the most capable law students in the nation.

Diversity is a core value of the law school, and, consistent with our mission, we aim to admit students from diverse backgrounds, including men and women of differing races, ethnicities, religions, sexual orientations, and ages as well as individuals with disabilities. Diversity enables students to learn from one another, promotes a variety of perspectives, and enhances empathy and critical engagement.

This page contains information that may be of interest to prospective students, such as the makeup of the most recent incoming class, as well as consumer information required by the American Bar Association. For additional questions, contact the Office of Admissions.

Fall 2018 Application Information

(Updated as of August 20, 2018)


  • Total Number of Applicants: 1,730
  • Full-Time Applicants: 1,598
  • Part-Time Evening Applicants: 132


  • Total Number Admitted: 961
  • Full-Time Students Admitted: 904
  • Part-Time Students Admitted: 57


  • Total Number Enrolled: 142
  • Full-Time Students Enrolled: 130
  • Part-Time Students Enrolled: 12

Fall 2018 Admitted Student Statistics


  • 75th Percentile GPA: 3.56
  • 50th Percentile GPA (median): 3.32
  • 25th Percentile GPA: 3.05

LSAT Scores 

  • 75th Percentile LSAT: 158
  • 50th Percentile LSAT (median): 154
  • 25th Percentile LSAT: 152

Fall 2018 Enrolled Student Statistics


  • 75th Percentile GPA: 3.42
  • 50th Percentile GPA (median): 3.19
  • 25th Percentile GPA: 2.96

LSAT Scores

  • 75th Percentile LSAT: 155
  • 50th Percentile LSAT (median): 152
  • 25th Percentile LSAT: 151


  • 52% Under-represented Minority
  • 57% Women
  • The Fall 2018 entering class includes: 28 students who self-identify as Asian, 10 Black, 36 Hispanic, 6 Native American, and 4 Pacific Islander.

Top Feeder Schools


California State University, Long Beach
San Diego State University
San Francisco State University
Santa Clara University
UC Berkeley
UC Davis
UC Irvine
UC Los Angeles
UC San Diego
UC Santa Barbara
University of San Francisco
University of Southern California

Out of State

American University
Boston College
Brigham Young University
Cornell University
University of Arizona
University of Central Florida
University of Maryland, Baltimore County
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
University of Oregon
University of Washington