Professor Tim Iglesias, an expert in housing and property law, has served on the USF law faculty since 2001. He co–edited The Legal Guide to Affordable Housing Development Law (American Bar Association, 2011). He has published several articles on affordable housing and fair housing law, including “Our Pluralist Housing Ethics and the Struggle for Affordability” (Wake Forest Law Review, 2007) and “Beyond Two–Persons–Per–Bedroom: Revitalizing Application of the Federal Fair Housing Act to Private Residential Occupancy Standards” (Georgia State Law Review, 2012). He is a frequent speaker and media commentator on housing issues.

Iglesias earned his Juris Doctor from Stanford University Law School with distinction in 1993, after receiving a bachelor's degree and an honorary master's from Oxford University, and graduating with a bachelor's degree from Loyola Marymount, magna cum laude. In 2015, he was appointed by Gov. Brown to the California Fair Employment and Housing Council, which works to protect the people of California from unlawful discrimination in employment, housing and public accommodations and from hate violence.

BA, Loyola-Marymount University
BA/MA, Oxford University
JD, Stanford University
Prior Experience
Law Clerk, Hon. Stanley Weigel, U.S. District Court, Northern District of California
Project Coordinator and Deputy Director, Non-Profit Housing Association of Northern California
Assistant Professor, Wayne State University Law School
Housing Law/Affordable Housing
Discrimination - Housing
Land Use Law
Humanizing Legal Education
The Legal Guide to Affordable Housing Development Law ( American Bar Association , Second Edition , 2011) (Co-edited with Rochelle Lento.)
Law Review and Journal Articles
“Inclusionary Zoning Affirmed: California Building Industry Association v. City of San Jose,” 24 Journal of Affordable Housing and Community Development Law 409 (2016). (Iglesias Explains California Supreme Court Opinion Validating Inclusionary Zoning.)
“Response to “Urban Policy and Families: How Concerns About Order Contribute to Familial Disorder”,” Fordham Urban Law Journal (Forthcoming, 2016).
“California Supreme Court Unanimously Upholds Inclusionary Zoning as Land Use Regulation and Not an Exaction,” 38 Real Property Law Reporter 116-122 (2015). SSRN
“The Promises and Pitfalls of Micro-housing,” 37 Zoning and Planning Law Report (2014).
“How Should the Law Treat Roommate Relationships? A Tale of Two Cases,” Real Property Law Journal (2014).
“Defining “Family” for Zoning: Contemporary Policy Challenges, Legal Limits and Options,” 37 Zoning and Planning Law Report (2014).
“Does Fair Housing Law Apply to 'Shared Living Situations'? Or, the Trouble with Roommates,” 22 Journal of Affordable Housing and Community Development Law 111-153 (2014). (Iglesias criticizes 9th Circuit fair housing opinion and offers a better solution.)
“Offering and Teaching Mindfulness in Law Schools,” USF Law Review (forthcoming). (Online Version)
“Does Fair Housing Law Apply to 'Shared Living Situations'? Or, the Trouble with Roommates,” 31 California Property Journal 16 (2013).
“Framing Inclusionary Zoning: Exploring the Legality of Local Inclusionary Zoning and its Potential to Meet Affordable Housing Needs,” 36 Zoning & Planning Law Report 1 (2013).
“The Opportunity Within the Crisis: Integrating Our Scholarship With Our Teaching,” 33 Pace Law Review (2013). (Was one of sixteen essays in the article "Toward Engaged Scholarship," authored by John Nolon et al.)
“Fair Housing at 30: Where We Are, Where We Are Going,” 30 California Real Property Journal 16 (2012). (Co-authored with Susan Saylor.) SSRN
“Beyond Two-Persons-Per-Bedroom: Revitalizing Application of the Federal Fair Housing Act to Private Residential Occupancy Standards,” 28 Georgia State Law Review 619 (2012). SSRN
“Our Pluralist Housing Ethics and the Struggle for Affordability,” 42 Wake Forest Law Review 511 (2007). SSRN
“Clarifying the Federal Fair Housing Act’s Exemption for Reasonable Occupancy Restrictions,” 31 Fordham Urban Law Journal 1211 (2004). SSRN
“Housing Impact Assessments: Opening New Doors for State Housing Regulation While Localism Persists,” 82 Oregon Law Review 433 (2003). (Republished in Land Use and Environmental Law Review Thomson West, 2005) SSRN
“Managing Local Opposition to Affordable Housing: A New Approach to NIMBY,” 12 Journal of Affordable Housing and Community Development Law 78 (2002). SSRN
“California Real Property Journal,” Vol. 31 (forthcoming). (California State Bar)
“Journal of Affordable Housing and Community Development Law,” Vol. 22 (forthcoming). (American Bar Association)
Book Contributions
“Maximizing Inclusionary Zoning Contributions to Both Affordable Housing and Residential Integration” in Zoning and Planning Law Handbook edited by Patricia Salkin (New York, NY: Thomson Reuters , 2016Edition , Forthcoming, 2016) (This will be a reprint of an law review article previously published in the Washburn Law Journal in a book that is an annual softbound publication containing law review articles published in the preceding year that the publisher believes represent important contributions to the literature of zoning and land use law. Accepted for publication: March 11, 2016)
“State and Local Regulation of Particular Types of Affordable Housing” in The Legal Guide to Affordable Housing Law edited by Tim Iglesias and Rochelle Lento (American Bar Association , SecondEdition , 2011) SSRN
“Housing Paradigms” in International Encyclopedia of Housing and Home edited by Susan J. Smith, et al. (Elsevier, Ltd. , 2010) SSRN
“Our Pluralist Housing Ethics and Public-Private Partnerships for Affordable Housing” in Affordable Housing and Public-Private Partnerships edited by Robin Malloy and Nestor Davidson (Ashgate , 2009) SSRN
Opinion Pieces and Blog Posts
Offering and Teaching Mindfulness in Law Schools”, USF Law Blog (March 2015)
Utility Air Regulatory Group v. EPA: Little Impact on EPA Regulation of Greenhouse Gases”, Center for Progressive Reform (June 2014)
Letter to the editor”, The New York Times (August 2008)
Other Publications
"Faith-Based Participation in Housing: A Perspective," Catholic Community of Pleasanton Social Justice Newsletter (May 2012)
"Exclusionary Zoning Enforcement: Passé or Alive and Kicking," 35 State and Local Law News 3 (2012) (Publication of the American Bar Association’s Section of State and Local Government Law.)
The 30% Rule, The Law Teacher
California Supreme Court , California Building Industry Association v. City of San Jose , Amicus brief filed on behalf of the Leo T. McCarthy Center for Public Service ( ) (No. S212072) (This brief refers to the review of challenges to an inclusionary zoning ordinance)
Presenter, “Residential Occupancy Standards: History, Context and Current Law ,” Annual Symposium of the Fair Housing and Public Accommodations Subsection of the California State Bar Real Property Law Section, Los Angeles, CA (April, 2016)
Presenter, “How an Affordable Housing Crisis Can Increase Housing Discrimination,” Forum on the Intersection between Fair and Affordable Housing, Redwood Shores, CA (April, 2016)
Presenter, “Mindfulness Meditation and Law Libraries,” Northern California Association of Law Libraries 2016 Spring Institute, “New Challenges, New Opportunities,” University of Santa Clara, Santa Clara, CA (March, 2016)
Presenter, “The Supreme Court as Teacher: Failing its Students in TDHCA v. ICP,” The Civil Rights Agenda, The Roberts Court, and The Law After 3 Years of Challenges: What Now? , Thurgood Marshall School of Law, Texas Southern University, Houston, TX (February, 2016)
Presenter, “Law of Affordable/Workforce Housing Exactions and Set-Asides ,” National teleconference regarding California Supreme Court opinion in CBIA v. San Jose, (September, 2015)
Moderator, “Experiential Learning and Launching Your Own Practice,” 17th Annual Trina Grillo Public Interest and Social Justice Law Retreat: "Re-imagining Social Justice Lawyering: The Next Generation," Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, Calif. (March 2015)
Panelist, “Sustainability: Planning for the Future - Creative Solutions,” Washburn University School of Law, “The Future of Housing – Equity, Stability and Sustainability,” Topeka, KS (February 2015)
Presenter, “Housing Frames and Power,” U.C. Davis School of Law Class Crits VII Conference, Davis, Calif. (November 2014)
Panelist, “Why Inclusive Communities? New Research & Lessons from the Ground,” Solutions 2014: National Conference on State & Local Housing Policy, Oakland, Calif. (November 2014)
Presenter, “Inclusionary Zoning: Variations, Legal Challenges and New Approaches,” John Marshall Law School, Annual National Fair Housing Conference,, “The Metrics of Inequality,,” Chicago, Ill. (September 2014)
Presenter, “Affordable Housing Development 101,” UC Berkeley, Berkeley, Calif. (September 2013)
Presenter, “Clarifying 'Housing Opportunity' and 'Housing Rights': Useful Service or Fool's Errand,” University of Minnesota Law School Association for Law, Property, and Society,, “4th Annual Meeting,” Minneapolis, Minn. (April 2013)
Presenter, “Do Fair Housing Laws Even Apply to 'Shared Living Situations'? Or, the Trouble with Roommates,” Golden Gate University School of Law State Bar of California, Real Property Law Section,, “5th Annual Fair Housing and Public Accommodations Symposium,” San Francisco, Calif. (April 2013)
Presenter, “Challenging the Two Person Per Bedroom Standard,” National Fair Housing Alliance Webinar,, “Residential Occupancy Standards and Fair Housing Law,” (May 2012)
Moderator, “Fair Housing, Residential Segregation, and the Siting of Affordable Housing,” American Bar Association's 21st Annual Conference on Affordable Housing and Community Development Law,, “Making the Case for Affordable Housing and Community Development,” Washington, D.C. (May 2012)
Presenter, “Reunifying Property in the Classroom: Starting with the Questions, Not the Answers,” Georgetown University Law Center and Syracuse University College of Law Event,, “Association for Law, Property and Society Third Annual Meeting,” Washington, D.C. (March 2012)
Presenter, “Dealing with Local Opposition to the Siting of Affordable Housing,” League of Women Voters of the Bay Area's Bay Area League Day,, “Housing and the Bay Area's Future,” Oakland, Calif. (February 2012)
Presenter, “Housing is a Spiritual and Religious Issue: Faith-Based Advocacy for Housing,” Holy Names University Second Annual Bay Area Social Justice Forum,, “People of Hope, Agents of Change: Bay Area Social Justice Forum,” Oakland, Calif. (February 2012)
Panelist, “Rural, Metropolitan and Urban Community Collaborations,” The American Bar Association, “Annual Conference on Affordable Housing and Community Development Law,” Washington, D.C. (May 2011)
Presenter, “Reflections on Fair Housing Law,” State Bar of California, “Real Property Law Section's Third Annual Fair Housing and Public Accommodations Symposium,” San Francisco, Calif. (April 2011)
Presenter, “Exploring the Application of Framing Theory to Housing Law and Policy,” Association of Law, Property, and Society Conference, Georgetown University Law Center, Washington, D.C. (March 2011)
Presenter, “Housing Frames, the Crisis and Opportunities in the Future,” Fourth West Coast Law and Society Retreat, Southwestern Law School, Los Angeles, Calif. (February 2011)
Presenter, “Are We Teaching a Techne or a Praxis and What Difference Does it Make?,” UC Berkeley School of Law Conference, “The Mindful Lawyer: Practices and Prospects for Law School, Bench, and the Bar,” Berkeley, Calif. (October 2010)
Presenter, “What Does the Mortgage Crisis Teach Us About the Political Economy of Home Ownership,” Association of American Law Schools 2010 Mid-Year Meeting, New York, N.Y. (June 2010)
Presenter, “Selecting Supreme Court Justices in the United States and El Salvador,” Salvadoran Foundation for Economic and Social Development, San Salvador, El Salvador (June 2009)
Panelist, “FHAA and the Internet: The Prospects for Self-Regulation,” Golden Gate University School of Law Conference, “The Intersection between Real Estate Ads on the Internet and Enforcement of Fair Housing Laws,” San Francisco (April 2009)
Presenter, “Do We Have a National Two-Person-Per-Bedroom Residential Occupancy Standard? What's Fair Housing Law Got to Do With It?,” Chapman University School of Law Conference on Property Transactions and Transitions in an Age of Globalization, Orange (February 2008)
Presenter, “Our Pluralist Housing Ethics and Public-Private Partnerships for Affordable Housing,” University of Colorado Law School Conference, “Affordable Housing and Public/Private Partnerships: The Intersection of Housing, Property, and Real Estate,” Boulder, Colo. (October 2007)
Moderator, “State and Local Law Issues Panel,” Annual ABA Forum on Affordable Housing and Community Development Law, Washington, D.C. (May 2007)
Moderator, “NIMBY Countermeasures: Overcoming Local Fears and Gaining Community Acceptance,” ABA Conference on Ending Homelessness: Creating Healthy Communities, St. Louis, Mo. (February 2006)
Panelist, “Exploring a Reflexive Law Response: Economic Domain Impact Statements,” William & Mary Law School Second Annual Brigham-Kanner Property Rights Conference, “Public Use in the Aftermath of Kelo,” Williamsburg, Va. (October 2005)
Panelist, “What Are State and Local Governments Doing?,” Fall Council Meeting of ABA State and Local Government Law Section, “Encouraging Affordable Housing: National and Local Approaches,” Boston, Mass. (October 2005)
Moderator, “Overcoming Local Opposition Panel,” ABA Conference on Affordable Housing and Community Development Law, “Doing Well While Doing Good—Building Housing and Community Development with a Social Justice Perspective,” San Francisco (February 2005)
"S.F. City Attorney Sues Academy of Art for Illegal Building Conversions", KQED, 05/11/2016
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Radio broadcast on the Federal Fair Housing Act case filed by the city of Memphis against Wells Fargo Bank, KCBS Radio, 01/01/2010
"An Emphasis on 'Juvenile'", The New York Times, 08/14/2008
Member, California Fair Employment and Housing Council (2016)
Member, California Fair Employment and Housing Council (2015)
Member, American Bar Association Legal Education, ADR, and Problem Solving Task Force's Property Panel (2012)
Co-Chair, Fair Housing Committee of the American Bar Association’s Forum on Affordable Housing and Community Development (2012)
Training Leader, prepared and conducted training in landlord-tenant law for students participating in OneJustice trip, University of San Francisco School of Law (2012)
Chair, search committee for the university's provost, the position was filled by Dean of Arts and Sciences, Jennifer Turpin. (2010)
Witness, "Working Together to Ensure Housing Opportunities for People with Disabilities and Children," Hearing of the California State Assembly Committee on Human Services (2009)
Organizer/Moderator, "Overcoming Local Opposition Panel," ABA Conference on Affordable Housing and Community Development Law, "Doing Well While Doing Good -- Building Housing and Community Development with a Social Justice Perspective," San Francisco, CA (2005)
Congressional Hearing, "Supreme Court's Kelo Decision and Potential Congressional Responses," House Judiciary Committee's Subcommittee on the Constitution (2005)