The Mission of the WLC is to:

  • Maintain the close ties they formed with other women during law school
  • Provide guidance and support for current law students who are members of the Women's Law Association (WLA) and women who have recently completed their legal education at USF.
  • Establish a full-tuition Scholarship for Transitional Students to help them make the transition from another career to law school. (A "Transitional Student" is a first-year law student with a five-year break in his or her education, i.e., has been out of school at least five years between college and law school.) The Recipient must have financial need, have been involved in community service, parenting or gainful employment before law school and show an interest in community service after law school.

Scholarship for Transitional Students

The USF Women Lawyers Committee has awarded partial tuition scholarships to transitional students since 1987. Recipients have included: Mary Jan Delisi Lofthouse ’91, Patricia Simmons ’91, Lyn Harlan ’93, Laura Lederer DePaul ’94, Cynthia Levin ’98, Diane Webb ’98, Kristin Lamson ’99, Shannon Thorne ’01, Jie Zhou ’01, Diana Carabajal-Strait ’02, Kate Flick ’04, LaRon (Doty) Hogg-Haught ’04, Jennifer Lynch Boalt ’05, Charlotte Westfall ’06, Stanley Radtke ’07, Brenda Balzon ’09, Michell Nuňez ’09, Nicole Kundsen '10, Sheila Husting ’11, Maya Kevin ’12, Molly LeGoy ’14, Rebecca Dames ’14, Alex Leenson ’15, Anna Manuel '17, Srijana Dhakhwa '18, Belen Trigueros '18, Roxanne Dominguez-Shell '19, and Linda Szabados ‘20.

The Scholarship for Transitional Students is based on a portion of the interest generated by its endowed funds. The bulk of the interest is dedicated to the Scholarship fund. The endowment is ONLY used for scholarships, not for fundraising or programs.

The 2023-2024 Women Lawyers Committee Scholarship for Transitional Students has been awarded. Information for the 2024-2025 Scholarship will be published at a later date.

Make an online gift today. Checks payable to "USF School of Law" with "Transitional Student Scholarship" in the memo line may also be sent to: USF School of Law, c/o Anna Tait, 2130 Fulton Street, San Francisco CA 94114. 

Annual Panel, Scholarship Fundraiser, and Reception

Each year, the Committee hosts a variety of events including panel discussions, a scholarship reception, fundraisers and networking functions. 

USF Women Lawyers Celebrate and Inspire After 36 Years of Trailblazing

On February 1st, 2024 the USF Women Lawyers Committee (WLC) gathered with alumni, law students, staff, and friends to recognize the deserving 2023 WLC Scholarship for Transitional Students recipient Sadie Stone. The reception, attended by Susan R Mendelsohn '80, one of the 'founding mothers' of the WLC scholarship and former recipient Stanley Radtke '07,  highlighted the impact of WLC's time, generosity, and commitment to USF Law students over the last 36 years. WLC's engagement with the law school continues to build a strong network of women in law and supports the continued upward trajectory of USF Law.

Read A History of Women at USF School of Law.

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