University of San Francisco School of Law Alumni Mentor Program (AMP)

Thank you for your interest in the University of San Francisco School of Law Alumni Mentor Program (AMP). The program matches law student mentees with alumni mentors. The success of the program depends on active participation and involvement by both mentees and mentors.

In order to ensure the success of the program, we have included some guidelines and suggestions for participation. Most importantly, have fun, learn from one another, and enjoy the mentor/mentee relationship!

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Mentee Guidelines

  • Listen to your mentor
  • Ask questions regarding the practice of law
  • Invite your mentor to events at the law school
  • Be aware of your mentor’s time constraints
  • Arrive on time for meetings
  • Be responsive and reply to your mentor’s communications in a timely manner
  • Thank your mentor for volunteering

Mentor Guidelines

  • Listen to your mentee
  • Address your mentee’s questions
  • Allow for and guide thoughtful discussions with your mentee
  • Invite your mentee to bar association and other events in the legal community
  • Share your experiences in the legal profession with your mentee
  • Be responsive and reply to your mentee’s communications in a timely manner

Suggested Mentor/Mentee Activities

  • Mentors can invite mentees to visit their workplace to see a day in the life of an attorney
  • Mentors can bring mentees along to observe court proceedings, depositions, or meetings
  • Mentors can invite mentees to networking, CLE, and alumni events
  • Mentees and mentors can meet for a meal, coffee, or drinks to discuss legal work experience, work/life balance, public service/pro bono work, and other topics
  • Mentors can introduce mentees to colleagues who are working in other legal work environments or practice areas
  • Mentees and mentors can attend law school events together

If for any reason, you would like to be matched with a new mentee or mentor, please email the Office of Career Services or call (415) 422-5767.

jordan kelly“She really holds me accountable. I have gotten so much more out of my first year because of that relationship with Katie. This mentorship has made me feel much more part of the USF network."

— Jordan Kelley ’20

Katie BurkeAt a certain point, I feel like if you’ve had career success, you should be mentoring people who are interested in the same career path. When the opportunity to be a part of the Alumni Mentor Program came along, I knew right away I wanted to participate.”

 — Katie Burke ’02, Burke Family Law

Christopher ViadroOne of USF’s strengths has always been the support and mentoring its alums so willingly provide to students and grads. With the Alumni Mentor Program, students benefit from the ability to select from the wide array of alums to find the mentor that is best suited to each of them. USF is providing  students with one more tool to be successful in law school and their post-law school careers.”

— Christopher A. Viadro ’92, Butler Viadro, LLP