Our Centers and Initiatives, essential components of the Data Institute, serve as dynamic research hubs, providing vital instruction, resources, and services to a wide range of audiences, including individuals, public entities, and private organizations.

From pioneering work in healthcare AI to addressing environmental challenges and driving social impact initiatives, we're committed to advancing knowledge and driving positive change. Additionally, our efforts in AI and data ethics underscore our dedication to responsible innovation, ensuring that technology benefits society ethically and equitably.

Healthcare AI

Our mission is to enable a more personalized approach to healthcare that considers health as an interconnected whole. Personalized healthcare requires integration of complex information about the whole person, embracing the philosophy of Cura Personalis: genetics, physiology, medical history, mental health.

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AI & Data Ethics

At CAIDE (Center for AI and Data Ethics), our dedication extends beyond innovation; we prioritize ethical AI practices that shape the future of technology responsibly. Our initiatives focus on a multifaceted approach, addressing key areas such as bias mitigation, enhancing human-AI interaction, ensuring transparency in algorithms, and actively promoting social good.

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Environment & Social Impact

Emphasizing impact, scalability, and open-source collaboration, the ESI (Environmental and Social Impact) initiative harnesses the power of data science and AI technologies to work with governmental, civic, and nonprofit partners in developing solutions that address critical environmental and social challenges.

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