SQL for Data Analysis

This certificate provides an in-depth introduction to SQL. Participants will learn to use SQL to extract and transform data from a variety of sources across different applications and industries.

The focus of this course will be on the vocational, day-to-day use of SQL, rather than more theoretical applications. Classroom exercises, projects and discussions will introduce and reinforce query writing best practices. After completing this certificate, participants will be able to write, debug and optimize SQL queries as well as understand foundational database design concepts. Finally, participants will gain an understanding of the different trade-offs involved with the choice of SQL variants.

To complete the certificate, participants must attend all sections and complete a number of assignments.

SQL for Data Analysis is taught by Tim Lee, Data Scientist at Workday, where he builds AI features for Cloud HR, Supply Chain, and Finance applications. Previously, he held data science positions in energy, cyber security, and finance industries where he worked on anomaly detection models, text recommender systems, lead scoring, and large-scale data pipelines.

Dates April 12 - May 24
Schedule Tuesday, 6-9pm
Location Online
Instructor Tim Lee
Continuing Education Units 2
Cost $995
$746.25 for USF students and alumni