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At the Data Institute, our partnerships with private, public, and nonprofit organizations underscore our collective dedication to advancing the realms of data science, AI, deep learning, machine learning, and data engineering. Together, we drive progress in education, research, and policy, with the hope of changing the world.

By becoming a member, you unlock access to exclusive resources, networking opportunities, and professional development initiatives, fostering growth and knowledge acquisition. Membership helps cultivate communities of talented data scientists and data engineers, enabling collaborations, supporting research endeavors, and advocating for members' interests.

Your membership plays a vital role in providing opportunities for our students, supporting postdoctoral fellowships, and enhancing our centers and initiatives' ability to assist nonprofit and civic organizations in leveraging data-driven solutions for social, economic, and environmental challenges.

While the companies showcased below represent a fraction of our partner organizations, we extend our gratitude to all our public, private, and nonprofit collaborators. Your ongoing support is instrumental in our mission to advance the fields of data science, data engineering, and artificial intelligence.


List of logos: BlackRock, Meta, Gore, PG&E, The Nature Conservancy, Pendulum, and MTC

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