The Data Institute

Partnering with industry to advance the field of data science

The Data Institute is creating a new partnership between industry and academia. We educate and develop highly talented data scientists by providing experiential learning opportunities and supporting the research of data science and deep learning. We bring together researchers, students, industry leaders and nonprofits to apply data-driven solutions to social issues.

Our Programs

The Data Institute develops innovative programs to foster the next generation of data scientists and serves as the umbrella organization for data science research and programming at USF. We offer a MS in Data Science, a BS in Data Science, and continuing education certificates.


Our Members gain access to preferential practicum placements, faculty consulting, talent acquisition and onsite trainings. By partnering with nonprofit and civic organizations, we create a community of data scientists eager to use their talent and skills for social change.


We support the scholarly activities of our faculty, students and researchers while building out new opportunities through grants and collaborations with industry.

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The Data Institute

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