At the Center for AI & Data Ethics (CAIDE), we are dedicated to tackling the ethical dimensions of AI head-on. Our research and educational programming examines the common pillars of Responsible AI, including: bias, discrimination, and inequity; human-AI interaction; explainable AI; data privacy; AI regulation; and AI applications for social good. We aim to increase public awareness of the risks associated with AI and data through the dissemination of practical and accessible stories, articles, talks, interviews, and educational materials such as case studies and online courses.

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We are dedicated to tackling the ethical dimensions of AI head-on, addressing issues such as bias and discrimination in generative models, AI's impact on employment, and the proliferation of misinformation.

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Our mission revolves around fostering a cohesive community of students, educators, and researchers who share a passion for leveraging technology to drive positive change.

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Uncover thought-provoking content and join us for engaging events that delve into the ethical dimensions of AI and data.

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