Our Postdoctoral and Kiriyama fellowship programs bring scholars to the USF campus to spearhead and participate in research and teaching projects, to present public lectures, and to interact with students.

Postdoctoral Fellows

The Postdoctoral Fellow is designed to promote the career of a recent PhD by providing an opportunity to gain administrative, teaching, and research experience. The Postdoctoral Fellow will serve as the academic coordinator for the USF Center for Asia Pacific Studies’ new undergraduate fellowship program and pursue their own academic research.


  • Christopher Laurent, PhD: 2019-20

Kiriyama Fellows

The center's Kiriyama Chair for Asia Pacific Studies Endowment helps support both young and established scholars to make important contributions to their fields. In the past, Kiriyama Fellows have served as guest editors for the center’s journal and taught undergraduate and graduate courses while in residence at USF.

Current Kiryama Fellow


  • Lesley Turnbull, PhD: 2016–17
  • Cyrus Chen, PhD: 2015–16
  • Dayna Barnes, PhD, Asia Pacific Perspectives Guest Editor: 2014–15
  • Andrea Lingenfelter, PhD, Asia Pacific Perspectives Guest Editor: 2013–14