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Asia Pacific Perspectives

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Urban Youth on the Margins: Inequality in China’s Sent Down Youth Movement

By Sanjiao Tang

What were the experiences of migrating and living in the countryside as a marginal urban youth during China's Sent Down Youth Movement? How did their experiences compare with other youth from large cities? Did they experience any inequality in the countryside? While the goal was for these youth to receive socialist reeducation from the peasants, was that really achieved?

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Chinese Firms in the Belt and Road Initiative: A Cross-Sectoral Study of BRI Activities in Kenya

By Yabo Wu
Image: iStock.com/Simon Roughneen

To discover the complexities of China's Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), this study investigates the actions of Chinese companies in Kenya. This research unveils the intricate dance between the Chinese state and these firms, highlighting how they collaborate strategically to implement the BRI.

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Animal Care in Japanese Tradition: A Short History

Book Review By James Stone Lunde

Puck Brecher’s Animal Care in Japanese Tradition: A Short History covers a span of over a millennium with remarkable depth, providing a lively and detailed study of the major Japanese traditions of animal care while also incorporating a robust theoretical engagement with normative discourses surrounding the treatment of animals.