Making An Impact: USF Law Faculty Rank #57

Posted Fri, 10/15/2021 - 12:00

Through their research and service, USF School of Law professors provide insights into some of the world’s most pressing legal questions. And they are mighty; USF Law faculty ranked #57 for scholarly impact in a 2021 study assessing law journal citations. We’re pleased to provide a few recent highlights:

Prof. Michelle TravisProf. Michelle Travis

Employment law, work/family law
Recently published "A Post-Pandemic Antidiscrimination Approach to Workplace Flexibility," Washington University Journal of Law and Policy (2021)

Prof. Rhonda MageeProf. Rhonda Magee

Critical race theory, mindfulness and social justice
Authored "On Buddhist Awareness Practices and the Inner Work of Antiracism," Harvard Divinity Bulletin (forthcoming)

 Prof. Richard LeoProf. Richard Leo

Wrongful convictions, police interrogation, and false confessions
Co-authored "Theorizing Failed Prosecutions," Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology (forthcoming)

Prof. Daniel LathropeProf. Daniel Lathrope

Recently published Selected Federal Taxation: Statutes and Regulations, (2022 edition)

Prof. Alice KaswanProf. Alice Kaswan

Climate change and environmental justice
Recently published: "Climate Justice and the Social Pillar in California's Climate Policies," Cambridge Handbook of Environmental Justice and Sustainable Development (2021)

Prof. Peter Jan HonigsbergProf. Peter Jan Honigsberg

International criminal law, human rights law
Published the paperback edition of his book, A Place Outside the Law: Forgotten Voices From Guantanamo, Beacon Press

Prof. Bill Ong HingProf. Bill Ong Hing

Immigration law, migration theory, Asian American legal history
Recently published: "Curtailing the Deportation of Undocumented Parents in the Best Interest of the Child," Georgetown Immigration Law Review (with Lizzie Bird, 2021)

Prof. Tristin GreenProf. Tristin Green

Employment discrimination and inequality
Authored the book chapter "Feminism and #MeToo: The Power of the Collective," Oxford Handbook of Feminism and the Law in the U.S. (forthcoming)

Prof. Jack GarveyProf. Jack Garvey

International law, international trade and arbitration, business law
Published "Arbitration with Government," Pepperdine Dispute Resolution Law Journal (2021)

Prof. Joshua P. DavisProf. Joshua P. Davis

Complex litigation, ethics, and their interplay
Co-authored "Antitrust as antiracism: Antitrust as a Partial Cure for Systemic Racism (and Other Systemic "Isms")," Antitrust Bulletin (with Eric Kramer, et al., 2021)

 Assistant Prof. Luke BosoAssistant Prof. Luke Boso

Constitutional law, family law
Published "Anti LGBT Free Speech and Group Subordination," Arizona Law Review (2021)

Prof. Lara BazelonProf. Lara Bazelon

Criminal procedure, trial advocacy, wrongful convictions
Wrote "Anissa Jordan Took Part in a Robbery. She Went to Prison for Murder." Atlantic Magazine (Feb.16, 2021)