Where Do We Go From Here?

The pandemic has changed San Francisco, along with the nation. But will the change be lasting? Will the need for more housing — a pre-pandemic problem — still be a factor?

San Francisco's painted ladies altered to show them as apartment buildings

Remember When Cars Were a Thing?

We can make transportation more affordable and reduce carbon emissions. USF professors Billy Riggs and Stephen Zavestoski, experts in smart transportation and urban sustainability, walk us through the transformation of transportation. 

Illustration of SF in the future

How Do We Create An Anti-Racist Future?

Some thoughts from our community

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A Student Dreams

In the year 2030, we have more women in local, state, and federal leadership. We have a woman of color as the president of the United States.

Nijashi Belcher

Designed By Disease

Many of us hoped, at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, that we’d round the corner in a few weeks. A few months at most. Lockdowns and social distancing would work. The virus would be beat. We’d soon be back to normal.

Illustrations of people living in the time of coronavirus

Does Faith Have a Future?

A rabbi, a priest, and a scientist walk into a virtual room.

Abstract pastel shapes