About Us

The Data Institute at the University of San Francisco brings USF to the forefront of applied data science. As the umbrella organization for interdisciplinary data science research, degree programs and continuing education, the Data Institute creates new avenues for connections to industry, research, and educational opportunities.

Senior Director, Data Institute
Professor of Data Science and Finance

Jeff Hamrick

Jeff Hamrick is the Senior Director of the Data Institute. He is responsible for the Institute’s vision and strategic plans, as well as its various programs and initiatives.

Director of Data Science Partnerships
Sean Butcher

Sean Butcher is the Director of Partnerships of the Data Institute and MS Data Science program. Sean manages practicum projects for MSDS and memberships for the Data Institute.

Associate Director, Data Institute
Mikaela Mora
(415) 422-4229

Mikaela Mora is the Associate Director of the Data Institute. Mikaela focuses on the continuing education programs at the Data Institute and within the College of Arts & Sciences.

Administrative Director, MS Data Science
Kirsten Keihl
(415) 422-4868

Kirsten Keihl is the Administrative Director of the MS Data Science program. Kirsten focuses on admissions and student services for MS Data Science.

Program Assistant
Miranda Triay

Miranda Triay is the Program Assistant for the Data Institute and MS in Data Science. Miranda handles frontline communication for certificate students and manages event planning for the Data Institute.