About Us

The Data Institute at the University of San Francisco brings USF to the forefront of applied data science. As the umbrella organization for interdisciplinary data science research, degree programs and continuing education, the Data Institute creates new avenues for connections to industry, research, and educational opportunities.

Associated Faculty

Executive Director
David Uminsky
(415) 422-6637

Associate Director of Partnerships
Nick Ross
(415) 422-4527

Associate Director of Research
James Wilson
(415) 422-6243


Director of Operations
Mindi Mysliwiec
(415) 422-4743

Mindi Mysliwiec is the Director of Operations for the Data Institute. Working closely with the Academic Director, she oversees the planning and implementation of our activities, memberships, training and certificate programs. Mindi handles the day-to day operations and serves as a liaison with USF administration and our members.

Assistant Director of Data Institute and MS Data Science
Kirsten Keihl
(415) 422-4868

Kirsten Keihl is the Assistant Director of the Data Institute and MS Data Science program. Kirsten focuses on admissions and student services for MS Data Science as well as certificates, trainings and programming for the Data Institute.

Program Assistant
Leslie Blakeman
(415) 422-4867

Leslie Blakeman is the Program Assistant for the Data Institute and MS in Data Science. Leslie handles frontline communication for certificate students and manages event planning for the Data Institute.