Visiting Applicants

A student enrolled in another law school accredited by the American Bar Association who wishes to take up to one year of courses at the USF School of Law may apply for admission as a visiting or non-matriculating student.

Apply for Spring or Fall 2020
Our application deadline for the fall (full year) deadline is July 24.

Application Requirements

Visiting Student Application Requirements

Applicants for admission as a non-matriculating visiting student must submit all of the standard admission requirements, as well as:

  • Transcript
    An official transcript of all law school course work (including the last term enrolled prior to visit)
  • Permission Letter
    A permission letter from the dean of the law school you are currently attending which certifies that you are in good standing and that credit earned while attending the USF School of Law will be accepted toward your degree requirements. Any other restrictions and requirements of the degree-granting institution also must be contained in the letter.
  • LSAT Score
    A copy of your LSAT score. LSAT scores can be submitted via a JD CAS report sent to USF from LSAC. As an alternative, the home school may submit directly to USF, the home school's copy of the JD CAS first page, which includes the LSAT score.