Financial Requirements for International Students

International students intending to study on an F-1 or J-1 visa must verify their ability to pay for their first year at USF. Once you have applied to USF, please log in to your Dons Status Page to submit the Certification of Finances form and your supporting financial documents.

  • Bank statement(s) must show money held in checking, savings, certificates of deposit, or money market accounts.
  • Stock/investment/retirement accounts, lines of credit, and income/tax statements cannot be accepted as proof of available funding.
  • Scholarships provided by your government or other agencies can be used for the Certification of Finances. Please include a scholarship document or letter provided by the government or agency.

Estimated Cost of Attendance

Costs of attendance include those for tuition and fees, housing and meals, health insurance, books, travel, and personal expenses. Costs for expenses directly charged by USF, such as those for Undergraduate Tuition & Fees and Room and Board, are anticipated to increase each academic year. The currently posted amounts will help you to estimate your cost of attendance at USF.