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Centers & Programs

The USF School of Law's centers and institutes blend diverse course offerings and student journals with faculty research and academic symposia to enrich your legal education.

Center for Contemplative Law & Ethics

USF's Center for Contemplative Law & Ethics offers students, practitioners, and professors opportunities to learn mindfulness practices that research demonstrates can help lawyers sustain their ethical practices.

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Hit the Ground Running

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Work Law & Justice Program

There has never been a better time to train for a future as a work law practitioner. Our graduates practice in a multitude of settings, from in-house counsel at Fortune 500 companies and nonprofits to governments and judicial appointments, boutique firms, and solo offices.

Two judges behind their desk speak to a student in moot court.

Blockchain Law for Social Good Center

USF’s Blockchain Law for Social Good Center is a training ground for the next generation of lawyers, lawmakers and policy-enforcers to think about technology, society, and the law in a balanced way.

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The McAuliffe Honor Society

The USF School of Law honors top students in the first-year class with an invitation to join the McAuliffe Honor Society. Membership in the society includes a renewable scholarship and special events.


The USF School of Law each year features a dynamic calendar of symposia, which bring together scholars, practitioners, and other leaders to address critical issues and emerging trends in the law. Recent symposia have focused on topics including trademark law, the future of same-sex marriage, climate change, and antitrust enforcement in the pharmaceutical industry.