Giving Opportunities

Your gift changes lives. An investment in USF is an investment in the future of justice, the rule of law, and the next generation of law leaders.

There are many ways that you can make a gift in support of the USF School of Law. From simply writing a check for your annual gift to including USF in your estate plan, each and every gift makes a difference.

To learn more about these opportunities, please contact the USF School of Law Office of Development and Alumni Relations at (415) 422-5457 or


The Law Assembly is the annual fund at USF School of Law. It is the lifeblood of supporting the law school, and the primary vehicle for charitable participation. Gifts to the Law Assembly support critical student-centered projects, including law clinics, law journals, domestic and international summer internships, loan repayment assistance, diversity initiatives, symposia, visiting faculty, and moot court competitions. As the foundation of alumni financial support, gifts to the Law Assembly make a critical difference in our students’ lives and in the communities we serve.

As new generations join the ranks of USF law alumni, the law school must increase efforts to engage a broader base of Law Assembly support. An active, vast alumni network creates a culture of giving that is essential to making the law school’s ambitious aspirations a reality.

Please help us ensure that our students graduate with unparalleled knowledge and experiences, ready for successful careers, by making a gift.

A growing circle of very generous donors has stepped up at the highest levels of financial support to move the law school forward. These donors are members of the Dean’s Circle, a group of alumni who have committed to make gifts of $10,000 per year for five years.

Give Now to the Law Assembly

Supporting Students

Helping our students pay for their education is one of the Development Office’s top priorities. Approximately 90% of our students receive some form of financial assistance. To help offset the cost of tuition, the law school allocates 18 percent of tuition revenues to financial aid and has focused on increasing its financial aid endowment. Thanks to generous alumni, we are able to provide dozens of scholarships, but there is still tremendous unmet need.

There are two primary ways to make a donation to support financial aid: You can make a gift of any size, at any time: Contribute to the Endowment for Student Scholarships or, you can endow a scholarship in your own or a loved one’s name. The interest from your endowed scholarship will be distributed annually, in perpetuity. This is a significant way to make a permanent impact in students’ lives, while reaping tax deductions. Personalized endowed scholarships begin at $50,000.


Many of our alumni and friends have invested in the School of Law’s future by making a gift through their will, living trust, or other long-term financial plan. Smart legacy gifts provide tax benefits and help achieve financial goals. But they also empower you to do more good than you may have known was possible. Your planned gift today ensures that future generations have access to an exceptional Jesuit education at the School of Law. Learn how you can support a 100-year-old tradition of educating skilled, ethical, engaged legal professionals who are committed to the common good. Our Tax ID#: 94-1156628.

Expanding the Faculty

Growing the tenure-track faculty is among the most pressing needs of the USF School of Law. Despite impressive hires in recent years, the size of our faculty has remained essentially unchanged for nearly three decades. A larger faculty will better support the aspirations of the school by providing a superior teacher:student ratio, and will generate more scholarly research, publications, and presentations at national and international conferences.

An investment in expanding the faculty will enhance opportunities for professors to teach electives, giving students greater curricular choice and increased access to professors and research opportunities. This increase in scholarly production will greatly raise the USF School of Law's stature among peers in the academic and legal communities. 

Brand Pursuit of Justice Fellowship

Alumni and Friends of Dean Jeffrey Brand are raising funds for post-graduate fellowships in his honor. The Brand Pursuit of Justice Fellowship was started by alumni and friends of the law school as a way to thank Dean Brand for his years of service as Dean and, most importantly, to help those to whom his work is dedicated — the law students of the University of San Francisco.

Dean Brand often reminds us that our graduates are incredibly smart, diverse, and committed to making a difference in the world. The Brand Fellowship will provide a law graduate who has passed the bar exam, with at least one year employment at a local, national, or international organization engaged in legal and/or policy work consistent with the mission of the USF School of Law. Fellows will have the opportunity to strengthen their legal practice skills and to utilize those skills in an environment reflective of the law school’s commitment to social justice. Thus through the program, graduates of the USF School of Law will continue to pursue the social issues that brought them to the law school.

Maximizing Facilities

Despite the extensive rebuilding of the law school in recent years, facilities challenges remain. While the law school's square footage is adequate, the clear challenge is how to more effectively utilize the 110,000-square-feet of architecturally stunning space in both buildings. For example, meeting the vital goal of expanding the faculty will require additional offices to house full-time faculty in a central location that breeds community and provides student access. In addition, student organizations are growing, bringing with them increased space needs. The expansion of our international programming is creating a need for offices for visiting faculty and space for faculty and students to work on joint projects. With creative cooperation among members of the law school community and additional financial resources, our facilities can be used in a way that adapts to our changing needs and maximizes our educational opportunity and growth.

Capital Improvements
The USF School of Law is planning to reconfigure existing space to accommodate at least six new faculty positions and better utilize facilities to create more common space for students, co-curricular programs (including law journals and centers), and for curricular initiatives such as advocacy training facilities. Faculty Offices: $50,000

Event Sponsorships

The Alumni Graduates Dinner is the annual event each May that welcomes the graduating class into the ranks of the alumni. Hundreds of guests attend and the Alum of the Year is announced. These beautiful functions are made possible by the individuals and firms who underwrite the event. Three different levels of tax-deductible sponsorship are available, and various forms of publicity are furnished to all sponsors.

Reunion Class Giving

A reunion is a wonderful time to remember and reconnect — and have a great time doing it.  Another meaningful way to honor your time at USF School of Law is through a Reunion Class Gift.

In the years since you graduated, you have been making your mark. Your legal education at USF helped shape the way you think. More than that, your USF experience awarded you opportunities that simply would not have been possible without your legal training, whether in the practice of law or on another chosen career path.

In addition to reconnecting with friends and peers, you also have the opportunity to support current law students with a donation to the school. You can also give towards your specific class’ endowed scholarship, if one exists. For all others celebrating a reunion year, you can make a donation to the USF Law Assembly Fund. Giving to the Law Assembly is a time-honored tradition, one that supports today's law students and builds on the legacy of this storied institution. Your gift will help fund scholarships, law clinics, internships, loan repayment assistance, and moot court competitions. It's an investment in and an endorsement of students who are now following in your footsteps.

We hope you will join with your classmates and take this opportunity to contribute to your class gift and connect with our future — the students of the USF School of Law.


Each year the graduating class comes together to continue a tradition of philanthropy at USF School of Law. Graduating 3Ls and 4Ls create a legacy for their class and help future students for years to come. 


An integral part of the USF School of Law is its dedicated and generous alumni who support the school by serving as moot court judges, speaking on panels, conducting mock interviews, and mentoring current students and recent graduates. As of this year, we are able to match each incoming student with an alumni mentor. Alumni also serve on the Board of Governors and the Board of Counselors.