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Dons Alumni Volunteer Program

Graduation doesn’t have to mean the end of your connection to USF. There are a number of ways you can participate with USF that will benefit you and our students. From coast to coast, we offer opportunities to connect in person and online. Take a look at the many ways to get involved through our Dons Alumni Volunteer Program.


The NetworkUSF Networking Hub offers alumni and students the opportunity to connect with one another for career conversations anywhere, at any time. Alumni and students can search for an alumna/us in the system based on their own specific criteria, including; location, industry, company, expertise, USF major, or even personal hobbies and interests. The Networking Hub facilitates brief connections with no commitment expectation. You can choose to connect with alumni for the purpose of general networking or for an informational interview.

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What is NetworkUSF?

  • For a variety of reasons. Networking and informational interviewing can expand your contacts and build your knowledge in fields of interest to advance your own career. It also feels great to pay it forward. You can help members of the USF community unlock their potential by sharing your experiences, expertise, and recommendations. Giving your time and expertise to others in the USF community is a great way to build your own coaching and leadership skills.

  • Be active! Ask questions, join groups, or our formalized Alumni Mentor Program. Connect with new people, and take advantage of the resources. Don’t be afraid to reach out to alumni. People are eager to connect with you.

  • First, make sure to complete your profile, your areas of expertise, and how you can help. You can link your NetworkUSF account to your LinkedIn account to automatically fill in some of your information. Set your availability preferences to indicate how much time you can commit and how many people you’d like to connect with at one time.

    If you get a request, we hope you'll accept it, but you do have the option to decline if you don't have time or think it's the wrong fit.

  • We only gather your profile photo, email address, first and last name, and work history from Linkedin. There are some limitations to the information that migrates, and the descriptions of your work experience will not pull into your NetworkUSF profile. 

    The level of permissions we need to ask for in order to gather that information requires that we also ask for your permission to post as you, although we never do so unless you ask us to.

    If you’re uncomfortable signing up with Linkedin, we recommend that you simply sign up with your email instead and fill out the profile separately.

  • Share your experiences and career journey with other alumni and students. Help them define their own goals and support them as they work toward theirs. Be a resource as they develop their career interests and face new challenges.

  • Let them know how you want to communicate (phone, email, in person, etc.) and when you’re available. Think about what you'd like to share about yourself and ask the other person what they are seeking your help with.

  • Give them a few days and try sending a follow-up message. If you're still having issues, feel free to reach out to the administrators at

  • We're excited to hear that you're interested in a leadership role with the USF Alumni Association. Please complete our interest form and a member of our team will reach out to you soon. 

Join Alumni Groups

The Alumnae of the Sacred Heart Lone Mountain have a special partnership with the University of San Francisco.

Join our virtual community to connect with fellow University of San Francisco alumni, faculty and staff as we read and discuss various book genres such as lifelong learning, personal growth, novels and other topics. Scroll down for more information. Participation is free!

Alumni Mentor Program

The University of San Francisco Alumni Mentor Program (AMP) brings together alumni with students for mutually beneficial career advancement and community building. The program inspires excellence by providing alumni an important way to stay connected and by giving students new opportunities to build their network.

Do you have interests beyond what’s listed here or questions about our current opportunities? Contact the Office of Alumni Engagement Office at

Industry Groups

USF’s Alumni Industry Groups facilitate the exchange of ideas between alumni working in the Technology, Healthcare, Real Estate, Entertainment, and Financial Services industries. We invite alumni who are professionals in one of these industries, or who are interested in networking with fellow alumni in one of these industries to connect, re-connect, and network with fellow alumni.

Affinity & Identity Groups

USFs affinity and identity groups provide alumni with the opportunity to connect based on an area of shared interest. Our current affinity and identity groups include the Asia Pacific Alumni Network, Black Alumni Society, Latino Alumni Society, and LGBTQ+ and Allies.

APAN Podcast

The Asia Pacific Alumni Network (APAN) Podcast is a series of conversations with USF alumni in the Asian American, Pacific Islander, and Native Hawaiian (AAPINH) community. We hear from alumni across multiple industries who share how USF impacted their careers and how their culture and heritage helped shape and inform who they are.

Regional Councils

USF’s Alumni Regional Councils provide graduates with an opportunity to stay connected with the alumni living and working in their region. Each Regional Council fosters community by hosting social, networking, and community service events.  We invite you to connect with fellow alumni in San FranciscoEast BayNorth Bay, on the Peninsula, in Southern California, and in New York.