JD Programs

Core Curriculum and Electives

The core curriculum gives all JD students a solid foundation in the knowledge and skills needed to pass the bar exam and launch a rewarding legal career. USF students build on that foundation by customizing their education with a variety of elective courses to develop a specialization in particular practice areas, from criminal law to intellectual property. Electives and first-year legal writing and research classes are generally taught in small sections of 20 students or fewer, which means students get individualized feedback on their work and forge close ties with faculty.

Full-Time Program

Full-time students take most of their first-year classes during the day and typically graduate in three years. During the first year, full-time students may be required to take one course per semester in the evening. During the second and third years, students have a host of options, including day or evening classes and summer courses, to fulfill their requirements. Because of the demands of class preparation and assignments, library research, and co-curricular activities, full-time students may not work more than 20 hours per week outside of school. 

Part-Time Day Program

Part-time day students generally graduate after four years of study unless they use summer classes to accelerate the program. In their first year, part-time day students enroll in three required courses in the fall semester and four required classes in spring, all taught during the day. After that, part-time day students may continue taking only day classes, or may also select evening or summer courses to fulfill their requirements. Part Time JD Opportunities »

Photo of Ryan RademacherI chose the USF School of Law because it conveys a unique sense of community that wasn't apparent elsewhere. Other universities solicited principally on statistics or standing, but USF complemented its attributes with helpful faculty who were eager to engage with potential students.