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Fostering the interdisciplinary analysis of the social, political, cultural, and educational realities of Latin Americans and of Latinxs in the United States.

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CELASA contributes to the understanding of Latin@ communities in the United States and throughout Latin America and promotes scholarly communication across national boundaries. CELASA fosters the interdisciplinary analysis of the social, economic, political, and cultural realities of Latin Americans and of Latin@s in the United States.

CELASA Keynote Speaker 2015-2016: Luis Valdez

Luis Valdez was born in Delano, California to migrant farmer parents. He founded El Teatro Campesino the central valley of California which would become a major force in the transformation of American theater of the 20th century. Born out of the Chicano civil rights movement, the work of Luis Valdez extends for half of a century in the formation of a local and continental philosophy of cultural expression and activism.

His lecture is entitled "El Teatro Campesino: Theatre of the Mayan Zero." The power of zero is an inherent part of the mathematical nature of the universe, making it the creative force at the heart of nature or even in the childhood experiences of a migrant farm worker. After all, it was our Olmec/Mayan ancestors who discovered zero a thousand years before any one else on planet Earth. That legacy lives on. In sum, it goes a long way toward explaining why the ingenious root of indigenous culture in "Latin" America is a fundamental treasure yet to be shared with the rest of humanity. It cannot be done, however, until the humble humanity of the indigenous peoples themselves (and their descendants) is recognized.

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