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Chican@-Latin@ Studies Minor

Latin@s are the largest pan-ethnic minority group in the United States . The Minor introduces students to major theories and perspectives on the cultural, socio-economic, and political issues affecting Chican@-Latin@ populations in the United States.

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Latin American Studies Major and Minor

Students who major in Latin American Studies analyze a huge and rich region from a number of disciplinary perspectives, a necessity for such a complex and diverse place. Our interdisciplinary curriculum provides a dynamic view of Latin America to students curious about the regions complex and vibrant societies. 

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Master in Migration Studies

The Master in Migration Studies prepares professionals to address the needs of migrants and refugees around the world. With more than 230 million global citizens living outside their home countries, international migration is one of the most critical issues facing the global community.

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CELASA Seminar

The CELASA seminar will be the premier experience for USF students to learn about and experience the conditions of Latin America within the context of the United States, while also working to solve social problems experienced by Latin@s and Latin Americans. All students who are selected for the seminar will participate in an immersion experience in Latin America (along with their professor). Students and faculty will spend half the semester preparing for their immersion experience while engaging in service projects in the San Francisco Bay area. In Spring 2009 the first CELASA Seminar, "Liberation Theology in El Salvador" was offered. This was followed by the 2010's "Performing Citizenship in Argentina", and 2012's Cuetzalan: Cultural Heritage, Natural Resources, Gender Issues.

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Center for Latina/o Studies in the Americas (CELASA)

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