International Admission

San Francisco is one of the most globally connected cities in the world and, for many of you, parts of the City will feel just like home. Our international students come from over 90 countries, and bring with them an understanding of diverse viewpoints and cultural approaches matched by few universities nationwide.

Learning side-by-side with people who represent all of the world’s cultures, you will gain a broader perspective and a sense of responsibility for the larger world. Your experience will truly prepare you for life after USF.

USF welcomes applications from prospective students from all over the world, and our International admission representatives travel to many countries to meet with prospective students and their families.

We invite you to visit us on campus, and encourage you to do so, if at all possible. You may also choose to take our Virtual Tour.

We hope our site offers you a glimpse of what it’s like to live, study, and be a part of our community at USF. And we’ve always got people to help when you need it.