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What do we mean by technology for social good? We’ve partnered with the Stellar Development Foundation to put into practice our values and mission of leveraging technology for positive societal impact. The Blockchain Microbond Project (BMB) is a cutting-edge 24 month pilot project to research, design, and implement a community microbond built on the Stellar blockchain.

  • Microbonds are investment instruments that are designed to be affordable and accessible. They are sold in small denominations, usually $100 or less, to enable community-led finance. They create stronger, more equitable cities by bridging the gap between financial inclusion and sustainability community development.

The Problem

Existing municipal bond markets maximize the interests of lenders, not borrowers.

  • Capital is exported. Lenders extract money from local communities.
  • Lenders control terms. Borrowers have to accept restrictions that maximize interests payments and limit repayment options.
  • Loss of local control. Payments to borrowers around the world are prioritized over the needs of local communities.

The Opportunity

Microbonds build sustainable communities with local capital.

  • Money stays local. Payments go to the community, not Wall Street.
  • Repayment flexibility. Borrowers set the terms, not lenders.
  • Community focused. People can invest in their community. 

Our Approach

Blockchain technology addresses traditional bond market roadblocks with improved accessibility, transparency, and security. The Stellar Development Foundation, a US organization dedicated to equitable financial access, offers technology that supports the issuance [or distribution] of microbonds on the Stellar blockchain, fostering social impact. The BMB Project is developing a blockchain microbond platform and partnering with jurisdictions and bond issuers for seamless buying and selling, to advance financial inclusion.

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Are you a non-profit, municipality, or bond bank? Contact us to learn more and get involved.