Student-Run Academic Journals

USF Law Review

The USF Law Review is staffed and managed by students of the USF School of Law. The journal, which is published four times a year, serves as USF's voice in the ongoing academic debate regarding the evolution of law. Each issue of legal scholarship is comprised of articles by professors and practitioners as well as student notes and/or comments. All articles are subject to a rigorous editorial process to strengthen substance, polish tone, and ensure citation accuracy.

Intellectual Property and Technology Law Journal

The Intellectual Property and Technology Law Journal is a student-run law journal focusing on current trends in intellectual property law. The Journal includes articles from students, professors, and practitioners on diverse areas of intellectual property law ranging from patents to Internet law. The Journal also includes a survey of the cutting-edge intellectual property cases in the country.

The most interesting aspect about being the editor-in-chief of the USF Law Review is working with authors, both students and professors, who have thought deeply about how to push the law forward. Additionally, working alongside a group of highly ambitious students who make up the staff and the Board of Editors is truly inspirational, as they have kept me on my toes and have helped me strive to be a better leader.

Jennifer L. Sta.Ana '15