Cost of Attendance

The estimated cost of attendance below includes tuition and student fees for undergraduate and graduate students, without any financial aid.

Please note that if you apply for and receive financial aid, your financial aid package will reduce the amount you will be expected to pay. In fall 2021, 96% of incoming first-year students received some form of financial aid, with an average aid package of $35,303 and an average merit scholarship of $17,726.

Undergraduate Students

  • Tuition and Fees for 2021-22 (12-18 units): $53,472/year*
  • Per Unit Tuition (fewer than 12 or over 18 units): $1,885 per unit

*Arts & Sciences, Nursing & Health Professions, and Management (on Hilltop Campus). Tuition for the Bachelor of Science in Management program is $1,130 per credit, and the number of credits you’ll need will vary based on your previous coursework.

Graduate Students

The costs associated with graduate degrees at USF vary by program. Please visit our Tuition and Fees page for a more detailed tuition schedule.

All students will be billed for tuition and fees (plus room and board for first-year students living on campus). The costs below for books, transportation, and personal expenses are estimates and will vary based on your personal situation and spending habits.

Additional Expenses for All Students
Expenses On Campus Off Campus AT Home
Room and Board $16,140 $16,140 (est.) $4,000 (est.)
Books (est.) $1,130 $1,130 $1,130
Transportation (est.) $1,240 $1,240 $1,000
Personal Expenses (est.) $3,250 $3,250 $3,250
Total (est.) $21,760 $20,760 $9,380

Please Note: The cost of attendance for the nine-month academic year includes both direct expenses (tuition, fees, room & board for students living on campus) and indirect expenses (books, supplies, transportation, personal expenses, and room & board for students living off campus). The figure is subject to change and is not meant to represent your USF Student Accounts bill for the academic year but it is the cost against which we measure your resources to determine your eligibility for aid. In recent years, annual increases have ranged from 2.8% to 4.4%.

Understanding Your Financial Aid Offer and Billing

The University's Office of Student Accounts maintains your account. All tuition and campus housing payments are made to them. If you apply for and accept financial aid, the Office of Student Accounts will use your grants, scholarships, and loans in calculating what may be due and payable for any term. Cal Grant B stipends and Federal Work-Study eligibility will not be used in calculating your bill, as earnings from these programs are paid directly to you rather than being credited to your student account charges.

The following fall semester billing example is intended to help you estimate a one-semester payment and is not intended to represent your specific financial aid and USF bill. Fees and charges may differ, and you will need to refer to your actual financial aid offer and USF charges for exact calculations.

Fall Semester Billing Example
Fall Semester Bill Example Amount
Fall full-time tuition and fees $26,736
Plus Fall on-campus room and board + $8,070
Equals a Subtotal of Fall USF direct billed charges = $34,806
Subtract Fall Grants/Scholarships - $10,000
Subtract Fall Loans* - $2,721
Subtract Fall ENROLLMENT Deposit - $750
Estimated Total Fall Semester Bill = $21,335

*Federal Subsidized, Unsubsidized and PLUS loans carry an origination fee that is taken out of the gross amount of the loan by the government upon disbursement. When calculating your charges, please account for these loan fees. As origination fees are subject to change, please refer to our Federal Loan pages for up-to-date information.

Remember not to subtract Cal Grant B stipends or work-study. You can estimate your spring bill by using this same calculation. However, deposits you were required to make in the fall may not be required in the spring. Please adjust accordingly.

The Student Enrollment Services Office will notify you via email of your exact charges and payment due dates each term. For more information regarding accepted methods of payment, please explore our Student Enrollment Services Tuition and Billing options.