For all off campus emergency issues please contact the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) (911). When an immediate response is needed (large parties, excessive noise) please call the SFPD at (415) 553-0123 as well as USF Public Safety at (415) 422-4201 and supply as many details as possible. The Office of Student Conduct can also assist with the non-urgent response to student behavior concerns. Contact Student Conduct at (415) 422-5330. Once USF Public Safety has been notified, they will attempt to coordinate with the SFPD to determine if USF students are involved and will respond as appropriate in adherence with the Memorandum of Understanding between USF and SFPD.

For non-emergency incidents that do not require immediate attention, please complete the Off-Campus Community Relations Concern Report, and the university will address the issue in a timely manner. You may also use this form to report information you have previously reported to SFPD.