Star Route Farms

Serving the Jesuit Mission — and Students

In 2017, USF purchased Star Route Farms, a 100-acre property near the Marin County town of Bolinas. Today, the farm continues to pay for itself with the produce it sells — and it now gives students and faculty a whole range of opportunities for education and research.

About 17 miles northwest of campus as the crow flies but one hour away as the car drives, Star Route Farms — the oldest continually running organically certified farm in California — enables students to learn the workings of a farm as a business. They also learn, firsthand, how sun, soil, water, plants, animals, and people must work together to produce the food that feeds us and sustains life on Earth.

It’s important for all of our students to learn that sustainable agriculture is absolutely critical to the survival of humanity. Period.


Pope Francis, a Jesuit, has embraced sustainability in a way no previous pope has. His 2015 publication, Laudato Si’, or Care for Our Common Home, charges us to care for Earth as a mother or sister who needs our assistance in recovering from the damage we have inflicted upon her. Star Route Farms is one of many ways USF is helping students to save the world from here.

School-supported agriculture is an idea whose time has come."

— ALICE WATERS, FOUNDER, CHEZ PANISSE RESTAURANT and winner of USF's 2009 california prize