ROTC members

The Program

The program has been designed to meet the country's requirement for officer-leaders in the Army (Active Duty, National Guard and Reserve). It is, therefore, multifaceted with distinctive sub-elements to meet individual needs and requirements.

ROTC is traditionally a four-year program, but individuals with prior service, members of Reserve or National Guard units, participants of JROTC in high school, and summer Leader's Training Course attendees may receive advanced placement credit and complete the program in two years.

ROTC provided me a structure and approach to life that allowed me to excel in college, as well as skills that will carry on in whatever career field I find myself in afterwards - be it in the military and civilian life."



Normally all students enroll in one military science course, leadership laboratory and physical training per semester. They also study Military History one semester during their participation in the program, prior to commissioning.  Physical fitness is a key learning/developmental portion of ROTC. The program focuses and thrives on helping cadets build and improve on overall health and fitness.  Cadets will balance academic excellence in their degree-related classes, as well as in their Military Science classes, field experiences and physical fitness training.

If you are looking for a challenge or seeking to excel beyond the academic college experience, send us an email at or call (415) 422-2483.

Military Science Courses

Typical Cadet Week

  • Monday
    Degree Course Work
    Physical Training
  • Tuesday
    Degree Course Work
    Physical Training
  • Wednesday
    Degree Course Work
    Military Science (MILS 101-102/201-202)
  • Thursday
    Degree Course Work
    Physical Training
  • Friday
    Degree Course Work
    Military Science (MILS 301-302/401-402)
    Leadership Lab (on or off campus)
  • Saturday
    Field Training (1-2 times per semester)