Leadership Team

Director of Faculty Experience and Global Engagement

Prof. Dana Zartner

Professor Dana Zartner, JD, Ph.D.
International Studies Department

Dana Zartner is an Associate Professor in the International Studies Department at the University of San Francisco and is an Adjunct Professor at the School of Law. She received her BA in International Relations from Hamline University, her JD, with a concentration in international law from Boston University, and her Ph.D. in Political Science from UC Davis. Professor Zartner specializes in international and comparative law, with a focus on the intersection of environmental justice and human rights. Her book Courts, Codes, and Custom: Legal Tradition and State Policy Toward International Human Rights and Environmental Law was released by Oxford University Press in 2014, and she has published articles on human rights and environmental topics in International Politics Science Review, International Studies Perspectives, Human Rights Review, and the Colorado Journal of International Environmental Law & Policy Yearbook.

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Director of Student Experience & Community Engagement

Heather Hoag

Professor Heather Hoag, Ph.D.
Department of History

Heather Hoag, PhD, specializes in African environmental history with an emphasis in river history, hydropower development, and development planning. Her teaching interests include African history (with a specialization in the colonial period), history of South Africa, environmental history, and food history. Professor Hoag's research has focused on the changing values of African rivers. Her book, Developing the Rivers of East and West Africa: An Environmental History, examines from a comparative perspective the role of rivers in former British colonies. Her current project explores the history of marine fisheries in West Africa. From 2008-2017, she served as an editor-in-chief of the International Water History Association's journal, Water History. Since her arrival at USF, Prof. Hoag has been active in USF's African, Environmental Studies, and International Studies programs.

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Program Director


Monica Doblado
(415) 422-2427

Monica Doblado graduated from USF’s Theology and Religious Studies Department in 2013. Shortly after graduation, she was hired as the department's program assistant. As a staff member, she has participated in a number of important campus initiatives such as the "Islam at U.S. Jesuit Colleges and Universities" Conference, the Campus Climate Working Group, and the Racial Justice in Jesuit Higher Education Dialogue Series. In May 2017, she earned her M.A. in Catholic Educational Leadership from the School of Education. Her graduate studies focused on how mission and identity inform everything from curriculum development to hiring practices in Jesuit Catholic higher education.

Program Assistant


Christine Wang Morris
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Faculty Chairs

Faculty Chair in Nursing

Kimberleigh Cox

Professor Kimberleigh Cox

Kimberleigh Cox DNP is a dually board-certified adult nurse practitioner and adult psychiatric nurse practitioner, and certified public health nurse. Her specialty interests and NP work are in psychiatric mental health, addiction medicine, behavioral and community health of vulnerable populations, advocacy, and psychiatric consultation. She brings her clinical experience, interests, and enthusiasm for community and mental health to her teaching, service, clinical work, and volunteerism. Her focus is on integrating community and mental health in her courses to reflect real-world practice. Her passion is to educate future health care professionals to be well prepared to work with all persons and populations, in any setting, to improve access and care for those with mental health and population-health needs and reduce health disparities.

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Faculty Chair in the Arts

Karen Fraser

Professor Karen M. Fraser 

Karen M. Fraser earned her PhD from Stanford University, where she studied both traditional Japanese art and the history of photography. Her research focuses on modern Japanese visual culture, with particular interests in Japanese photography from ca. 1860 through the 1930s, cross-cultural interactions and influences between Asia and the West, gender issues, and museum and exhibition history. Professor Fraser’s teaching experience includes survey and upper-level courses covering both traditional and modern Asian art; cross-cultural encounters between Asian and Western art; museum history and practice; the second half of the Western survey; and study abroad courses in Paris exploring the rich history of Parisian museums. As part of her teaching practice she has worked with students to develop class-curated exhibitions on various themes including Japanese ukiyo-e woodblock prints, San Francisco ephemera, and women and the book arts.

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Faculty Chair in the Social Sciences

Eve-Anne Doohan

Eve-Anne Doohan

Eve-Anne Doohan joined the faculty at USF in 2004. She studies the communication of married couples, with a particular interest in relational history narratives and their connection to marital and individual outcomes. She is also interested in beliefs people have about marriage. Her current research focuses on how married couples make the decision to have children. Her work has been published in the Journal of Marriage and FamilyJournal of Family Communication, and the Western Journal of Communication, among others. She is the faculty adviser to the USF Chapter of the National Communication Association honor society, Lambda Pi Eta.

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Faculty Chair in the Sciences

Cary Lai

Professor Cary Lai

As a graduate student, Professor Cary Lai performed a biochemical and structural analysis of the enzyme telomerase. Following graduate school, he worked in early-stage research at Genentech where he investigated the Hedgehog signing pathway and its role in tumorigenesis. Most recently, Prof. Lai served as the head of commercial operations at the biotechnology start-up company LakePharma.

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Faculty Chair in the Humanities

Ronald Sundstrom

Professor Ronald R. Sundstrom

Ronald R. Sundstrom is a professor of philosophy and a member of USF’s African American Studies program, who also teaches for the university’s Honors College. He is the humanities adviser for the SF Urban Film Festival and a co-convener of the Black Philosophy Consortium. Professor Sundstrom is involved with academic organizations seeking to build bridges between academic philosophy and public policy, such as the Public Philosophy Network, the North American Society for Social Philosophy, and the Philosophy of the City Research Group. His areas of research include philosophy of race, mixed-race identity and politics, political and social philosophy, justice and ethics in urban policy, and African American and Asian American philosophy. He published several essays and a book in these areas, including The Browning of America and The Evasion of Social Justice (SUNY 2008). His current book project is titled Just Shelter: Integration, Gentrification and Racial Equality (Oxford, forthcoming).

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