With so many programs to choose from, finding the right program can be a somewhat overwhelming task. We urge you to plan ahead and assess your situation. Start a conversation with family members, friends, faculty, study abroad alumni, and staff at the Center for Global Education.

Sponsored Programs

USF Sponsored programs parallel the mission and goals of USF. They include programs at other leading overseas universities with which USF has partnered.

Students pay USF tuition rate to USF, irrespective of specific international program costs. As a result, full course and credit transfer apply to a student's USF transcript. USF financial aid, USF grants, scholarships, as well as federal and state aid (except Federal Work Study) apply, as any regular semester at USF.

USF has over 100 programs in 45 different countries. Please visit our office for program brochures, eligibility requirements, applications, course descriptions, and other program-specific information.

Sponsored Programs

Field Study Programs

Offered in cooperation with the School for International Training (SIT) and School for Field Studies (SFS), these programs offer:

  • Rigorous academic programs through a field-based, experiential approach
  • Undergraduate research through an Independent Study Project
  • Cultural immersion through fieldwork, intensive language classes, and urban and rural homestays with local families
  • Small group of students in each program, supported by faculty and staff, homestay families, in-country experts, and community members
  • Access to extensive local resources and networks

field study programs

Internship Programs

Some USF Sponsored programs offer internship opportunities as part of the regular course workload. You can complement your academic concentration and unique personal goals with an internship abroad. Students gain cross-cultural skills, the opportunity to network with international organizations, and obtain valuable work experience. All internships are unpaid and placement into internships will depend on specific qualifications. Internship requirements and fields vary from program to program. Contact the Center for Global Education to learn more about these opportunities.

External Programs

External programs include all other study abroad opportunities via other U.S. universities, colleges, or third-party providers. Participants of external programs cannot transfer their grades to USF and cannot use financial aid. Pre-approved units will transfer back to USF to count towards degree requirements, but courses will not be listed on the USF transcript. Tuition, housing, and any other fees are paid directly to external providers and students are required to complete a Leave of Absence from USF.

Federal, State, or USF Financial Aid will not be awarded by USF while student is on a Leave of Absence, but some private loan options may be available. Private loans cannot be processed through USF. For financial aid questions regarding external programs, please contact Student Enrollment Services Office to speak with a USF Financial Aid counselor. Visit the Center for Global Education for materials and advice on deciding which external program might be best for you.

Short Term Programs

USF's short-term international programs are in general open to all students (Freshman, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors), and all credits (where applicable) count toward graduation. Some of the programs require special applications and registration for a specific course. All programs can only accommodate a limited number of students and priority is given to early applicants.

Short Term Programs