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Data Science Certificates

Come learn how to turn data into information, and how to turn information into programs, products, and services that change the world for the better.

Our Certificates

  • Learn to clean and analyze data with machine learning techniques.

  • Explore the foundation, application, and future of deep learning.

  • Expand your knowledge with the Deep Learning II certificate.

  • Expand your knowledge of deep learning, used in areas such as object recognition, image segmentation, speech recognition, and machine translation.

  • The certificate delves into pressing issues of AI and data ethics, focusing on navigating ethical complexities within emerging, data-centric AI technologies. It also explores the foundational principles of ethics and their connections with broader social trends and systems.

  • Advance your career with this introduction to data science. Learn SQL and Python to perform data analysis, statistical modeling, and machine learning.

  • Acquire the basics of machine learning and data science. Learn cross-validation, bias-variance tradeoff, logistic regression, classification, and clustering.

  • Use Python code to solve data-related problems. Learn to develop and test code and scripts.

  • Advance your career. Learn database design and how to write, debug, and optimize SQL queries.